Heat is On 2020 – A Year Anew~

2019 was a pretty decent year in hobby productivity! Jim an I got quite a lot done, especially compared to the year prior. I do honestly believe we could have achieved way more last year than we did. Hence why we will continue this scheme throughout 2020 with a new bingo grid and a 3rd “competitor”!

For those interested in what we both achieved the past year, click on the image above! At least for more details! 🙂

Jim is clearly the leader in both counts. Leading with 13 Achievements (12 for me) and 38 finished miniatures (29 for me)! Not bad! In bingo terms we both lose, though. Neither of us managed to get a row of 5 Achievements finished. We will have to work on that this coming year…

For 2020 we have a few of the same old achievements and some new ones! It will definitely be fun! One includes creating a monthly update on a social platform (for me it will be this blog). Hence I will manage to actually post here regularly. Yay!

A freind of mine will be joining us as well! The awesome and cool KINGMIGHTY! The three of us will have a blast smack talking and annoying eachother with WIP photos and progress reports! It will be a blast!

I haven’t posted much the past few months. I have been productive in some ways.

I ‘rebooted’ my alien color scheme for Infinity. I just wasn’t digging the color set I came up with before. More to them in an upcoming post!

I finally managed to finish Jim’s Flower Knight. I hope he likes it! Its been one of those models hanging around ever present and kind of bogging me down mentally as it was never finished but the muse to get it done never really checked in. I did grind through it and its done! Huzzah!

My Malifaux Ressurrectionists have been growing slightly in number. This project was pretty much halted by two things which eally hit me hard morally too when it comes to Malifaux. Kingmighty and I ordered together for a pre-sale GenCon deal and didn’t get half the model’s we ordered until January… Which really blows especially since the model’s I ordered were for the same group as seen above…

In addition we played a short campaign and I used the “keyword” of those models and found it rather lackluster. That kind of biffed it up for me…
I will, however, pick up the project again this February and at least finish it. There aint much left to paint for it (about 5 minis). Still a shame we had to wait so long to get the stuff…

In the downtime from those I picked up another hobby… A brick based hobby with kits similar to Legos. Nanoblocks are from Japan and are really fun to play around with.

I’ve picked up quite a few sets and will be posting progress in that hobby field on this blog as well. Eventually once I have enough parts I will start creating my own models and show them off here as well!

Another upcoming project will be Batman Miniature Game’s 3rd Edition. Kingmighty and I want to start it and check it out. Above you can see the beginnings of my Batwoman crew (unfortunately sans Batwoman at the moment…). Should be a fun project to do inbetween ‘Faux and ‘Finity.

Anyway that is enough of my shenanigans for now. I will be posting more soon!

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