Places, resources and other cool sites and places to get into stuff. Also more kittens!

Painting Groups:

Our local painting community. We paint together regularly and then post it up on our Facebook blog. We are always happy to have more fellow painters!

A Facebook group dedicated entirely to painting busts of various sorts. An awesome group, often very constructive and helpful.


Some other artists and their shenanigans:

Mydnight’s (Jim’s) Hobby Corner:
A friend’s blog of awesomeness. Wish he would paint more. I know he does too. 😛

Meg Maples:
An awesome painter! She also loves puppies.

Anthony Rodriguez:
A really chill guy with an awesome style!

Josua Lai:
A great guy who knows his stuff!

Mr. F. H.:
A friend of mine in Berlin who paints stuff. Founding member of Pinseldiktator!


Sculptors and mini makers:

Savage Forged Miniatures:
Dennis is a local sculptor and artist. Has some really interesting stuff!


My hood and hangout:

Battlefield Berlin:
I hang out here, buy my stuff there and do all kinds of fun activities with my local hobby group. Regular board game nights and now with our painting sessions there is quite a lot you can do here with us!


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