What a Month… Some Progress

March has been one messed up month. Not to really mention the current global pandemic, my hobby time has been somewhat limited this month.

Mostly I have been spending the bits of hobby time I took with assembling and assembling and assembling and destroying my mind and painting mojo.

I didn’t take photos of my assembled projects, but it’s a lot and far from finished…

What I did do was manage to prime and airbrush the green on my entire Combined Army lot. It took a while.

I did finish my first models too! Well at least my first lot!

Together they actually look nice. I still need to practice a lot with airbrush blending, though I mostly blame zenithal priming + glazes and that being kind of gritty. I am sure painting the models like any other paint job with a brush would result in much better shading and less grit.

The next wave is well on its way. Here you can see all my creepy alien worms in their purple/red/brown glory. Also some not to alien looking ladies. Woop!

Got the majority of the models blocked in and and only really need to work on the blacks and greys with some tid bits and finish with the green and the bases.

In the background you can also see a model from Kingdom Death. Another project for my pal Jim.

Here are his ‘Council Members’ and the base he will be mounted on. Slow progress but due to current global circumstances there is no rush to finish.

The ladies were a great chance to practice airbrushing large areas of skin tone on smaller scaled minis. I dig.

I have also been working a bit on this bust. Decided to do her hair with an airbrush and try out different forms of masking. I had some hiccups on the way, but it mostly went just as well as I had hoped.

With that I wish you guys a great upcoming April! Hobby time shall hopefully prevail with Resident Evil 3 Remake coming out… Oh the priorities! Haha

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