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The Problems With Black Primer

So I attempted to paint my Dreadball team and it’s vibrant, colorful and especially bright color scheme on a black primer foundation. It sucks like heck to attempt to cover up such a dark color with such a bright one. I sought out some help from fellow painters in a Facebook painter community and got […]

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Making a Dreadball Team Part 1 (Color Scheme)

The time has come for me to work on my Dreadball team. The crowd is growing anxious to see some action, so I must make haste (relatively…). In this post I will deal with some of my thoughts on creating my own personal DB team and the color scheme with all of the other shenanigans […]

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Dreadball, Infinity! BAM BAM BAM

Finally I am back and in the mood to get some hobby stuff done. I have been pretty low hobby wise, hardly able to motivate myself to play, let alone paint and assemble some minis. The reason behind this is partially and mostly due to my working situation. I have had some problems with my […]

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