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The After Summer Update

It’s been a long time since I posted last! Partial reason to this is because our summer in Berlin was so hot and icky I hardly managed to paint as much as I would have liked to… Hence no real updates as of late. I have been keeping myself busy though! With all sorts of […]

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A Shift in Painting: Getting Serious!

Over the course of my miniature painting I have always tried to add something new to my newer and upcoming projects. My Malifaux Gremlins gave me NMM, painting Aleph upped my consistent standard, etc… This is a great way to learn new tricks and through regular painting you become better and faster at it. My […]

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C. Bowers Studios~

Some of you may be wondering “Who drew that rather sophisticated and dashingly handsome cat Bleachy uses in his blog’s banner?”.  I mean seriously, who hasn’t asked him- or herself this? If you haven’t, I would kindly ask you to take the time, put your head into it, and ask yourself: “Who drew that rather […]

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