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HiO ’19 – This is Bat Country

We can’t stop here, this is sort of, well not really, bat country! My pal Jim and I have been busy bees, he more or less a lot more than me. Current results for our little competition are up! Jim is still leading… like a mother trucker with FIVE whole achievements and 15 finished models! […]

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HiO ’19 – Catching up on progress already made

As mentioned in the post before this one, Jim has already finished a bit of his Heat is On achievements. Currently he has two finished achievements and one in progress. His first was to paint this fella/gal using an airbrush. A tool he is not really familiar with (one I will be exploiting for the […]

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Hiatus and the Heat is On ’19

My hobby blog has always been something I enjoyed having on the side. A little way for me to share part of my hobby and interests with the few to non-existent people who are interested enough to check it out. It’s a great tool to document progress and my miniature painting output. Where I do […]

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