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Nanananana Mattman!!!

This is going to be one comically long post! So be prepared to have your mind blown! (Or not… :D) Knight Models released their new Third Edition for the Batman Miniature Game this year (it reads pretty awesome!) and I decided to just go full blown nutcase and dive into the dark nights of gotham […]

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The After Summer Update

It’s been a long time since I posted last! Partial reason to this is because our summer in Berlin was so hot and icky I hardly managed to paint as much as I would have liked to… Hence no real updates as of late. I have been keeping myself busy though! With all sorts of […]

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HiO’19 – ISS, ISS Baby to go, to go~

Greetings! New stuff! Yay! I started an Infinity project, with which I am finally going to see some airbrush action and get acquainted with another tool of the trade. Infinity models are actually a good place to practice, daunting as the models may be they are actually pretty decently suited for such a painting method. […]

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