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More CDs! Muahaha!

So I got another group of CDs the past days that I would like to share with my trusty and overly loyal and everpresent readers! I have kind of been getting into Funeral for a Friend as of late. I am really digging their music as of late. I cannot stop listening to ‘Casually Dressed […]

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New music! Also includes soundtracks!

I finally dished out some cash to pick up a few new CDs. I usually and used to buy about 5 CDs a month, if not more. But since I have picked up the miniature hobby again, I have been lacking in these purchases as of late. So I dug deep into my pockets and […]

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All kinds of stuff~

*inhales* First off I would like to get into what I am currently working on. That being my Colette crew for Malifaux. The general idea I have for the crew is to maintain a color palette and not to sway off of it at all. This meaning I will not use any other really vibrant […]

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