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Do not worry! I am still alive, sort of.

This is gonna be a long post, so if you wanna tldr, read this: “I am awesome.” K? Good. It is still, in some peculiar way, Gremlin Month! Bam! I haven’t been painting as much as I would have liked, due to lack of time, ambition and motivation. Work has been pretty draining as of […]

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The broken chair, nothing painted and bitch slappin’.

My chair is broken. Well, my desk chair. And thus I cannot really do anything at my desk at home for a while, or at least until this coming Saturday, when I will have my new chair. Hence any paintings and even these blog posts have diminished the past week and a half. Alas, I […]

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Update this shit! Been busy~

Greetings people! I haven’t been really able to sit down and write freaking cool posts as of late. This is mostly due to my last weekend being utterly clustered with awesomeness, tiredness and mental insanity. I have been through a rollercoaster of fun, which, unfortunately, didn’t bring any time with for me to write some […]

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