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Four more, more four!

Sorry for the late post! Busy bee, I be! B! Anyway I did manage to get a few models finished. Today I will be showing off four more models of my gremlin crew that I have finished. Finally my crew and some variety therein is shaping up to be a good little core for my […]

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Do not worry! I am still alive, sort of.

This is gonna be a long post, so if you wanna tldr, read this: “I am awesome.” K? Good. It is still, in some peculiar way, Gremlin Month! Bam! I haven’t been painting as much as I would have liked, due to lack of time, ambition and motivation. Work has been pretty draining as of […]

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EBM Guides: How to make cool and useful tokens for Malifaux (and other games!)

Now that I have been playing more and more of M2E I can now pretty much assess what exactly I need for counters and gadgetry to play some good old Malifaux with. Besides dice for wounds and various glass and plastic beads for soul stones and random conditions, I had to come up with a […]

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