Archive | August, 2014

Going Nomad and a swine of a weekend!

As mentioned before I painted some Infinity models. Some became some more, actually! I present to you my first four Infinity models *cough*liesyouforgotyourJSA*cough*… Have fun! First up two Zeroes. One of my favorite models, gameplay wise. I enjoy these infiltrators with their mine shenanigans and obviously stylish looks. The other two models are some Bakunin […]

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Loads of Gremlins! Damn have I been busy!

Been pretty inactive for a couple of months and started painting on some Infinity models, which will be posted in a separate and later post. Now I wish to share with you my fruits of the past two weeks! Loads of Malifaux stuff (not really but still quite a good lot). I have been wanting […]

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