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I know it has nothing to do with miniatures. It is, however, a major part of my life and whenever I paint it is usually accompanied by this. So bam. Eat it.

Do not worry! I am still alive, sort of.

This is gonna be a long post, so if you wanna tldr, read this: “I am awesome.” K? Good. It is still, in some peculiar way, Gremlin Month! Bam! I haven’t been painting as much as I would have liked, due to lack of time, ambition and motivation. Work has been pretty draining as of […]

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More CDs! Muahaha!

So I got another group of CDs the past days that I would like to share with my trusty and overly loyal and everpresent readers! I have kind of been getting into Funeral for a Friend as of late. I am really digging their music as of late. I cannot stop listening to ‘Casually Dressed […]

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New music! Also includes soundtracks!

I finally dished out some cash to pick up a few new CDs. I usually and used to buy about 5 CDs a month, if not more. But since I have picked up the miniature hobby again, I have been lacking in these purchases as of late. So I dug deep into my pockets and […]

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Update this shit! Been busy~

Greetings people! I haven’t been really able to sit down and write freaking cool posts as of late. This is mostly due to my last weekend being utterly clustered with awesomeness, tiredness and mental insanity. I have been through a rollercoaster of fun, which, unfortunately, didn’t bring any time with for me to write some […]

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All kinds of stuff~

*inhales* First off I would like to get into what I am currently working on. That being my Colette crew for Malifaux. The general idea I have for the crew is to maintain a color palette and not to sway off of it at all. This meaning I will not use any other really vibrant […]

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