Three more down!

Finally I managed to get these three fellas finished and prepped! My total for one week’s worth of painting is:

3 Young LaCroix4 Piglets
1 Slop Hauler

Not too shabby for a week, though the models are pretty small and do not need that much attention.


This guy is pretty fun. I wasn’t too fond of his belt, as it is kind of funky and hard to paint NMM on it, especially after such a long period of not painting it. It turned out okay, I guess. I am not 100% pleased with his gun, though I can live with it. I will have to find out what I did different to models before this as the NMM seems to be much brighter than on other models.


Same with this guy the NMM seems to be much lighter than before. Otherwise he is a spunky little shrimp!


I like this model a whole lot. One of my favorite gremlin models. I think the NMM on his buckets is spot on and really ties him in well. I nearly freaked out when I varnished this guy. Apparently I didn’t shake my can of satin varnish well enough and he was covered in a milky foam. Luckily respraying him fixed the problem and he turned out okay.

To my next projects in Gremlin Month (and a half) I will be focusing on getting a good assembled suit of models prepped for Ophelia. I really want to learn how to play with her first and get to learn some of the gremlin mechanics of the game. At the moment I have her whole kin painted up as well as this Slop Hauler and 4 Piglets. So I think the best route would to get in more bodies and a vital and important model for Ophelia: Lenny.

So next up: Lenny + 1 Bayou Gremlin

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