The After Summer Update

It’s been a long time since I posted last! Partial reason to this is because our summer in Berlin was so hot and icky I hardly managed to paint as much as I would have liked to… Hence no real updates as of late.

I have been keeping myself busy though! With all sorts of things!

One of my high points in hobby this year was participating in Michal’s workshop (Lan Studio) here in Berlin. It was a real blast and I think I picked up quite a few tricks from this master class. He is definitely worth the time and the money. Go check out one of his classes!

At the moment I am still working on the bust we started there. Here she is:

Still quite a way to go. Her clothes are mostly done for now. I will do some tweaking the next session on her. After that I will work on the metals a bit more (smoother blends and work on the choker + arm binder). Once that is done I will have to work on the next daunting task: her hair and all their teal green colored glory. Haha. That will be a pain in the ass! Regardless, though, she is fun to paint!

Besides that I got a few more models finished for my Malifaux Molly gang. I now have her entire keyword finished and painted. At the moment I am working on some versatile models for her and a second master… Soon to be announced. šŸ˜›

The little guy was also a model I assembled and painted in a single day for that little Heat is On contest I have going with my pal, Jim.

I have my Rogue Necromancy finished, but apparently do not have any photos of the poor guy. One day… šŸ˜›

As to other ongoing/upcoming projects: I have two on the table. (technically 3)

I picked up the newest Shasvastii army box from Corvus Belli for infinity. Fantastic and great models. I a really eager to get them painted and on the table.

I started by priming them black and doing a pretty heavy ‘zenithal’ fog of white on top of them. This helps to keep some recesses dark and lighten up the model’s for the next steps.

Afterwards I glazed the Shaded areas with some magenta purple to give it a bit of warmth and coolness to the models. Topping that off with some fleshy skin tones really gives the armor the look I want. Now the models are prepped enough to move on to brush work and glaze in some more shades and add actual highlights.

This process has been more fun than the last models I tried to paint with airbrush.

I also figured out why my spray painting sucked last time: faulty parts. Replaced them and instantly everything is much better! All I am missing now is practice, which is what these aliens are for.

My upcoming project is one I plan on doing this year for Halloween. It is going to be a pretty crazy Malifaux gang! A one-shot gang, if you so wish. Mostly because our gaming group will start a campaign coming November an I want to try/paint something new and psychedelic.

With that I am done for today! Thanks For the read and stay tuned for more hobby shenanigans.

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