Orange skin, green skin. Twisted worlds.

When I first started Malifaux, I never wanted to play the Gremlins. I found them to be too silly and stupid for my personal taste. Even though the game has a good bit of humor, I still preferred a more rational and calculated approach at the game than by going with Gremlins, who literally kill their own by accident, hurl pigs, strapped with TNT, into the ranks of their enemies with huge catapults and even multiply like bunny rabbits. It just wasn’t my cup of tea and I went in other directions while choosing my first models and the following ones after that.

20130410_054926_zps6faad1ea 20130419_211759_zps8ad53478

I can tell you how I got into Gremlins. First I had a vision. I saw what the images you are looking at show you. Orange critters. See, orange, as you will surely be able to tell from my future posts, is just THAT color for me. I have to somehow integrate it into all of my models. It is my favorite color after all and why not go for something you like a lot? My issue was the green. In many other games goblins, orks, gremlins and what all not are often displayed in green tones. Very boring, if you ask me. So I figured, why not just toss out a different pallet on the models? Why not experiment and see what it will actually look like. The results are somewhat creepy in an awesome way. I am very pleased with my new little orange skinned gremlins. This fueled one fire in me to keep these critters running.

20130411_194847_zpsc67a15d2 20130406_222702_zps95f79bcf

I had to come up with a painting scheme though. See, I am one for a unifying look on models. Especially in games such as Malifaux, where every model is in its way Unique. Splashing the same colors on these varying models can really create an awesome and well rounded look. I wanted to go after exactly that. So I decided to think up which colors would work well with my overall look and feel of the models. Orange skin is one thing but finding clothes that befit the little swamp dwellers and the off colored skin tone was going to be a challenge. I went with browns, greys and whites. As you can see each model has a splash of each of the specific colors I decided to use for this crew and it really helps them look unified and whole. I am especially glad at how well the colors work with the orange tone I chose for their skin. Added yellow/golden guns for that silly toy effect just made it perfect in my eyes. Then I came upon a problem. Pigs.


See I had to come up with a great skin for my pigs as well. I could have used brown, which was my original idea, but since I used so much on the gremlins themselves, I would have little diversity in my gremlin hoard ranks. So I pulled off an old trick in the book: The Grand Swaperoo. I went for green pigs. Something so odd and weird it works. Making the pigs a mossy green into a fleshy pink tone really went well for me and I am surprised the turn out went to my favor. The dark skin tone of the pigs also helps to offer a nice contrast to the otherwise colorful and vibrant gremlins I have painted up.
Now to paint 14093721542395 more of these critters.

On a side note: I know these are old and yucky pictures, but as mentioned prior to this I will be working on a light box to take more ‘professional’ photos of my models when the time comes. I will most definitely post up the new images when they are done! They will also include more models, which are currently WIPs.

Cheers and until next time~

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