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Some of you may have already noticed the funky posts I have tossed out thee. Somewhat void of images and still linked to an image. That was just me trying out this theme and getting things settled and worked out. Now that I got it down again I will be tossing out photos and images up the ying yang, or I hope to at least. A reason why I wanted to start up an artsy miniature hobby blog (includes other mundane hobbies of mine too, such as couch potatoing) is because I do have interests in various games’ and companies’ models. The problem is linking and posting stuff of other games on game manufacturer’s forums. Sure I could go dakkadakka or cmon, but I like to frequent around with the actual mini painting community of each respective game/company. Thus I will be using this blog as an intermediary between these sites and just to chill and have some fun with.

At the moment my capabilities of photography are… limited. I do not have really good lighting at my apartment and I basically have to hold up the mini into the desk light I use to actually shed some light onto the situation. *cough* terrible pun *cough* Until I get working on my light box, which will be this month, and have hooked myself up with an actual camera instead of my phone (I have one somewhere…) we’ll all have to be content with what little I have for the moment. Once I get the sucker up though, I will be posting quite a bit of my older models as well as post any future projects I am working on. I will probably limit the awesome ‘pro’ photos for finished models and keep you guys up to date with works in progress via the lame ass method I have been using until now.

Now to show off what I have recently just finished is a showgirl from Colette’s crew in Malifaux. I really want to get to playing these gals and I am one to often only play with painted models. So the only way to get them on the board is to actually paint them up and make them look all pretty and spiffy. I am not all too pleased with this model, mostly because her face/eyes/eyebrows are just oddly sculpted and I couldn’t really get a good painting job done on that section of the model. I did try my best though. I slop-finished it before I messed around too much with and possibly ruin the mini in the process.
The crew is supposed to have a nice blend between a couple of stark contrasts: white/black and orange/turquoise. The latter will be the primary focus on the models with the other form of contrast as a subtle and small one hinted and spread throughout the entire crew. On this particular showgirl I actually went with a light/dark contrast in combination with the color based ones. I started off with a turquoise dress and blended it in to an orange feathery look. I am really pleased with this outcome. It really reminds me of how peacock feathers look like. The gentle transition from a blue into a green tone is just awesome and I like it on this model. The main difference between a peacock and thus model’s dress is that it keeps transitioning into another color. Orange for the win!

Another note to mention will be the stockings. I tried using glaze medium for the first time with these suckers. I have painted showgirls prior to this one and the way I paint stockings and see through materials is basically glaze/ink the sections in many layers ever so gently, slowly increasing the pigment saturation layer by layer. My issue was using water in the day would cause the fluid to be rather runny and sometimes go places I did not want it to. This actually resulted in a huge puddle like stain on the nylons of one of my girls. So I went and got something that will thin the paints but keep it somewhat thicker instead of runny. Glaze medium was the answer. I think I thinned it a bit too much, as the product you see here is of ten layers of the glazed mix. I will try to glaze slightly less strong in the future. It will save time, probably.

20130505_133211 20130505_133222

Well that would be it for an introductory post into my new blog! I hope you guys like it and will swing around for future posts and entries! Cheers~

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