Details, shmetails.

This weekend had some interesting hobby related things going on for me. Saturday was a fun little Malifaux gaming day. A friend of mine played McCabe for the first time and I helped a kid learn how to play the game with his Misaki crew. Sunday I finally got down to painting again and got some progress on my Mannequin!

Mannequins are a pain in the ass to paint. At least these ones are. So many tiny and small details… It has taken me quite a long time to get this far. I would have to guess around a total of 5-6 hours. Pretty hefty for a ‘freebie’ model you technically pay no soul stones for to play with. The issue lies in the numerous folds of the dress. Old me would have base coated it, washed it and then added some stark highlights and called it a day. New me says to blend the stuff and thus result in at least twice the amount of work.

20130513_005119_zps49f7ae81 20130513_005152_zpsce71bf08

Next up would be some more color. Turquoise is going to be my alternative color in this crew and all of the bows and tid bits will be painted in a nice and contrasting blue tone. Then I will just have to paint up all of the laces (still tinkering around with that in my head) and then I am pretty good to go. Touch up the base with its three colors and some metals on the gears and it is a case closed.

I also saw McCabe and Misaki in action for the first time. It was quite interesting. Originally I was supposed to play against McCabe with my McMourning. It was to be both the McCabe player’s as well as my first experience with that crew and we were both rather excited. A new player popped in and I swapped places with him to teach him how to play the game with his Misaki crew against my friend’s McCabe.

McCabe is down right awesome. I really like the way his crew works and functions. All the control and pestering, which is downright alien to the usual Guild crews I play against, really gave them a competitive feel. Seeing how McCabe actually paralyzed Misaki for an entire round in the game, I can only wonder what he would have done to my McMourning, had I not switched. Very interesting and fun to watch.

Misaki is a toughie. She literally assassinated McCabe in that game. Her crew, despite their melee prowess and high defenses, is rather straight forward. Similar to how older crews, like Lady Justice, or Lilith function and work. This means you will pretty much know exactly what she is after. Which makes it more or less easier to handle her in certain situations. A very interesting game day and a lot to learn out of it.

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2 Comments on “Details, shmetails.”

  1. May 22, 2013 at 12:58 am #

    As I mentioned on the [URL=””]sexist thread[/URL], my buddy Eric started out playing with the mindset of “Don’t make me play with any chicks”. Then along came Misaki, and he changed his tune. She’s definitely a good choice to learn the game with. Very straight forward playstyle, at least for her core crew (and most of the extra models she has access to).

    Reading your take on McCabe, after having played him quite a bit for a few weeks, makes me want to run him in a Brawl with Sonnia. His damage profiles and control tactics make him the ideal candidate to run with her if we want to make a bunch of Stalkers, as most Guildies tend to just obliterate anything they’re aimed at. Slowing / paralyzing them, then dropping them to 1 via some of Sonnia’s spells, keeping them slowed and on the cusp of death to become Stalkers. In a Brawl, we could even bring two Handlers along to babysit them.

  2. May 22, 2013 at 5:52 am #

    That thread is rather silly. I swear somebody intentionally trolled our community by popping that in there. OP has one post. Haha. If guys prefer to play with male characters, so be it. I’d take a girl over a guy, any day. 🙂

    Brawls are definitely fun. I have only really been able to tinker around with McMourning and Seamus in a brawl together. I’d like to experiment more with other master combinations… My personal combinations were leaning towards Colette/Hofmann and ‘Dora/Dreamer.

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