Orange meets blue. They like eachother!

I have not really been able to paint much the past days. Been trying to take premeasures against a possible cold, seeing as I have a sore throat. Thus I have been laying in bed most of the day the past couple of days, which makes doing anything productive or hobby-wise relevant rather difficult. I did, however, manage to sneak in about an hour and a half to further work on the mannequin I posted in a previous blog post.

20130513_174709_zps37c492f3 20130513_174727_zps51a4748b

Basically what you see there are five layers of paint on the blue ribbons and all of that jazz. I really like the whole turquoise/orange mix and am really pleased with how well the model looks after being finished. It offers a nice colorful contrast to the orange, as they are opposing colors. The darkness to it also contrasts well with the white dress and even the orange, e.g. the arm clothing.

I have to say I was rather disappointed in this model’s overall quality. It is great looking but a lot of the finer details seem to have vanished while being produced en masse. The laces almost everywhere are hand painted (that is why they look like shit…) because the detail was lost in creation. Same with the bolted holes on the mannequin’s body. So many of the holes are only semi there instead of fully detailed. I wont go into mold lines. Let us just say I had plenty of issue with that (stuff I couldn’t get rid of either). Luckily I got most of the super visible stuff gone.

Next up on this model would just be the base. Three colors for the marble tiles and three colors for the gears and metallic bits. Shouldn’t take too long either. So either later today or tomorrow I will be able to finish the mechanical gal and then get to work on prettier sights for all to behold (Cassandra and the marvelous Colette Dubois herself).

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