Looking good!

I finally ‘finished’ my alternate Keisotsu model. The figure itself is finished. I just need to touch up on the base a bit and then the sucker will be done and awesome. I must really say that I am more pleased with this model than my other Keisotsu. Mostly because the colors look more natural on him and kick-ass camo weaponry is always a plus.

20130526_155230_zpsff81843f 20130526_155311_zps33b39b55

The base will pretty much look the same as on the other Keisotsu. Simple and easy. All I will do differently is try to get a cleaner area of vision on the base, instead of the muddy one I panted on the old model and also some sakura tree petals. I am still contemplating on how to do those. Some have suggested I use little bits of tea leaves from a tea bag and paint them pink, which technically could work. Another option would to shred some pink paper a whole lot and then just toss some on there for good measure. I will have to tinker around with that a bit, but this model is pretty much sealed up!

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