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Greetings people!

I haven’t been really able to sit down and write freaking cool posts as of late. This is mostly due to my last weekend being utterly clustered with awesomeness, tiredness and mental insanity. I have been through a rollercoaster of fun, which, unfortunately, didn’t bring any time with for me to write some morsels for you guys to read up on. So here is basically a summary of the stuff I have been doing the past week:

Friday was a great Malifaux gaming day for me. I was able to teach a friend the game some more and also play in a fun threesome with him and another buddy. I played with my mostly finished Colette crew and was the center of attraction, as I was the player playing in the middle of the board. The game was interesting with McMourning and Colette dishing out at each other, while Zoraida was sneakily pursuing her goals and setting herself up to pounce on the master left standing after their fight. In the end, Colette wrecked havoc on poor McMourning, while he was landing some finishing blows on Zoraida’s crew (1 hit kill on Bad Juju with a Red Joker/Severe damage flip from a Flesh Construct). My two opponent’s conceded and I won a really cool and fun game.
The second game was actually really exciting but also terribly evil. EVIL!!! 35 SS game between Colette and McCabe. The game started off really poorly for Colette and her girls, as her Coryphée Duet was annihilated by a Red Joker for max damage, killing off a 14 SS model with one hit. Guess what did it. A freaking Guild Hound. With a face oozing upside down happiness, Colette went after his Sidir and turned the guy into a sissy Mannequin to toy around with. The game went more and more downhill for Colette after this. Her Performer was annihilated, her Mechanical Doves shot out of the sky and even Cassandra was suffering big time. Then McCabe fell. After Colette and Cassandra combined forces, they managed to bring down the big guy with great difficulty and at the cost of many resources, namely soulstones. Leaving Colette with zero soulstones left, McCabes crew, still functional and erect even after the loss of their boss, decided to paralyze Colette and pound on her for a whole turn. Do not ask me how, but she survived a whole turn of pounding. Guild Hounds, Wastrels and even a Pathfinder couldn’t manage to bring her down. This, ultimately won her the game.
After winning the initiative flip on the following turn, she swapped placed with the Sidir Mannequin and ran towards the opponent’s deployment zone, thus ruining his Strategy (Distract) and Scheme (Hold Out). McCabe’s crew decided to pound on Cassandra and the left overs of Colette’s crew (Two Mannequins) and then decided to break down her precious Supply Wagon, costing her strategy for the game. Turn six, she created a soulstone, performed a healing flip and was relatively safe for a bit. After reactivating she grabbed another soulstone and created a Mechanical Dove to keep any pesky Wastrels from teleporting near and occupying her. Turn six ended and Colette won. Guess which schemes she used… Sabotage (first turn by Coryphée Duet) and… BODYGUARD! Holy heck! The girl just refuses to get off stage. That won me the game with one model left 4VP to 2VP. Well played game by McCabe too. It was annoying and fun at the same time.

After the long two games, I went off to a concert with the same guy who was playing McCabe. We both had tickets for a Volbeat concert here in Berlin. Wuhlheide was our destination, a great amphitheater in a green park. Open Air concerts suck when it rains. It was raining a whole lot and I didn’t have a jacket or anything to protect myself from the rain. So we arrived about ten minutes into the guest band’s performance and got thoroughly drenched. Fun stuff. Luckily, the raining stopped just in time for the main act to perform and we had a blast, dancing around and head banging with our friends and the random people around us. I prefer Volbeat live than I do on CD. It was a really great concert. (Go see them if you have a chance to!)
Getting home was a bit straineous, seeing as we had no clue where to go and ended up walking for about half an hour just to take a tram back the way we walked. After an hour I got to work to do some weekend tidying up there and eventually went home with still drying hair at 2 a.m. in the morning.

Saturday was an interesting day as well. I had a really splendid game session of Dungeons & Dragons with my friends. I finished off my little adventure as a Dungeon Master by having my players toy around in an insane mansion with a talking statue that appears to be in every room, rooms that only let you progress by walking backwards and all kinds of goodness. Oh and an epic battle with a demonic Incubus that was sucking out the life of nearby females. Fun stuff and lots of hilarity. Next time we will be playing I will be heading in as a player again. I decided to back out as a DM for a while so I can focus on working into some sessions of the Through the Breach beta with some friends.

That and very little sleep and overtime at work has been keeping me pretty busy for a bit. Thus I haven’t really been able to post much content on my blog for a while. However, there is some stuff I am working on still. Photography. I decided to get into taking ‘professional’ photos of my models and I will eventually be posting some of them here and on a tumblr and Deviantart account for you guys to browse and view. These will go live, once a commissioned piece is done for me. A little doodle I will be using as a banner for my blog and a water mark for my photos. So do stay tuned to coming updates!

P.S. Here is some shit that I bought!


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