The painting blockage, future blog.

As you can tell I haven’t been posting much content to this blog as of late. This has had many reasons, one of them mostly being due to a slight blockage. I just haven’t been in the mood to sit down and paint away. Partially due to the strong heat here as well. I did, however, recently pick up the brush again and feel the tingling sensation to paint again underneath my fingernails. I started working on two Infinity models, a Keisotsu and a Kampeitai. These are the two models I still need to start playing with the Infinity Quick Start Rules from the Beasts of War website. It is a nifty guide that teaches you the basic mechanics and use of some abilities with altered 3 model crews. I really want to get into the game, so painting up these two models, so I can play the game without feeling like a shmuck, is a good way to proceed.

I plan on tossing out a new series of mini tutorials on how to paint various hair types. Lussuria asked for it in my painting thread in the Wyrd forums. What I will be doing is painting up various different kinds of hair and color variations thereof and post little tutorials in this blog. Once I have accumulated a decent and sufficient amount, I may write it up and then make it available as a downloadable PDF. I am no super painter, but I do paint a good tabletop quality and am always glad to give out info and help in any way to help people progress in the hobby. Learning from others is how I learned a lot of the things I can do with the mini and the brush. Thus I can appreciate it when other individuals share their knowledge with our community. The series of tutorials will take a while, since I do not often paint models with lots of hair. A shame I didn’t get into it before I painted my showgirls.

Speaking of Malifaux and painting, I would like to get into what I will be doing in that aspect in the future. I still have to work on my showgirl crew a wee bit more. As you can see here I have not posted up all of my models and still have quite a lot to paint for Colette and her girls. What I have left to paint: 2 Coryphées + their bases (they are magnetized), 1 Performer, 1 Mannequin and the three Colette Avatar models. The girls will be worked on once I have finished the two above mentioned Infinity models. Then I will alternate between models and crews and switch and swap a bit to keep variety going. There is no rush, seeing as Wyrd hasn’t included Colette or her girls in the first wave of M2E changes. Luckily I have Seamus and McMourning to tinker around with once it is officially released. What I do plan in that aspect, though, is packing McMourning into a Guild crew and running him that way. This will, of course, mean I will have to tinker around with some new crew ideas and finally have a way to actually blend in my Dead Justice box with my hordes of undead. Also I will be picking up Nightmare Tara and her crew. I am really looking forward to these models and hope they run pretty smoothly and cool in-game as well. There is one more master and a crew I will be working on. This ducky is going to be involved in it. Can you guess how?


Cheers and until next time!

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