More CDs! Muahaha!

So I got another group of CDs the past days that I would like to share with my trusty and overly loyal and everpresent readers!


I have kind of been getting into Funeral for a Friend as of late. I am really digging their music as of late. I cannot stop listening to ‘Casually Dressed and Deeply in Conversation’. So I figure di would pick up some of their other albums. These two were most recommended by people and I have only managed to listen to them once or twice each. They are pretty neat and fun, but not as good as ‘Casually…’. If I end up liking these albums more, I will probably pick up more of their albums.


Lollipop Chainsaw was indeed a real treat for my taste buds last year. The game is just downright fun, silly and overly sexified, it is perfect! The soundtrack is also really good, seeing as Akira Yamaoka had his fingers in the mix. So I picked up the OST and was surprised to find some of the commercialized music from the game as well in there. Often you will only really get a score or specifically written songs for the game on an OST. This one had more than that. Pretty nice. Also, the little guy at the top says hi. He’s my iPod. Has been for 5 years now. Trusty little fella has been following me around for all of that time and filling my ears with awesomeness.


The last thing on my list is an extremely blurry image of my first audio book. I picked up ‘Joyland’ by Stephen King to listen to while I paint minis. I wanted to give it a try and go for something else besides just music and random TV series or shit on Youtube. I ended up starting to listen to it on teh side instead. Its freaking great. I really am liking these audiobooks. Never really gotten into it, because I read a lot. I may just give these things more of a try in the future. Any recommendations?

Cheers and until next time!

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