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I want to make some tutorials. Yes. Yes, indeed! The reason to this is that tutorials are generally informative and can really help people get better at their hobby. Tips and tricks is something hobbyists in pretty much any constructive hobby share amongst each other and pass onto. I remember the first time someone even told me I could accentuate parts on a model by highlighting edges and other parts. Back then I had simple Salamander Space Marines all in green and black with some gold. I was pretty darn proud of them and then I heard I can make them look even cooler!? From then on I kept delving into more tips and tricks on how to improve things. I even got into bits of freehand (which I am super terrible at btw) to paint banners for Warhammer Fantasy hordes and I also free-handed some scales onto my Salamander Land Raider. Over the course of tinkering around with the hobby you will pick up more and more awesome things and techniques to use. This is how I would like to help people. I am not saying I am a super advanced pro painter, but I do have some stuff locked up in my head and am more than willing to share. So in this post I will share some of the tutorial ideas I have planned for this blog. (I have done one already in the Wyrd forums: Undead Skin)

Photos for a Malifaux gremlin tutorial are already on my phone/camera but the photo series is not complete. I wanted to use it as a generic ‘from the beginning to the end’ guide that explains which steps and processes I take and use to finish one of my models. Quite a lengthy guide as well. I will most likely just post up tid bits of it here as I progress and then when the whole ordeal is finished and I have some really great articles and parts for it I will compile it into a PDF file and then offer it up to download for those of you who would like a handy PDF for at home or wherever else you want to view it.



As you can see I have a few photos already ready and set up. Rather blurry, unfortunately. The photo quality at my place is rather terrible. I really should invest in a light box. It would clearly help as I did take some photos for another set of tutorials/guides I had planned. As mentioned in a previous post, someone suggested a guide on how to do hair on minis. That is surely easy enough and I decided to give it a go with two Infinity models I am currently working  on (Yes I am back in the hobby! Break over.). Unfortunately I wanted these models to resemble at least some realistic form of militarism and didn’t want the regular troopers to have any out of the ordinary hair. So I went for a dark brown tone for this gal. Well the photos are pretty useless. 😦

20130703_135655_zps3d3431ce 20130703_140656_zpse48a1034

Can you tell which has the highlights? lol

Other ideas I have had are flesh tones, color ranges and also odd patterns such as camo or flannel. There are lots of cool things a person can paint. I will just have to somehow organize and compile everything. But it gives me something fun to do whilst painting and I hope it will help some of you out there to become better painters in some way or form.


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2 Comments on “Tutorials and plans”

  1. July 5, 2013 at 4:47 pm #

    Thankyou again for the hair tutorial!! I will hopefully be giving it a go shortly 😀
    And…the second one has the highlights!

    Excited for PDF copies so I can print them out to sit on the table next to meeee.

    • July 10, 2013 at 1:21 am #

      Hey no problem. Luckily I already had an image of the finished work. 😛

      Those will take a while to make, but will definitely be coming out.

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