The fresh smell of awesome.

There is one thing in life that is so damn awesome that it cannot be compared to any other joy in the world. The fresh smell of a new book. I love it. Opening a freshly printed book and sniffing those, possibly unhealthy, fumes and getting that rush of excitement of having something new and shiny in your hands is something I wish I could relive every day. You may be wondering what exactly I am now holding in my hands, the very moment I am typing this. Yes. Holding a book and typing. Who says men can’t multitask? The book is another one of my nerdy purchases: Imperial Histories 2 – Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition


Like the other L5R 4th Edition books this one is superb and more than awesome. The fresh smell. The texture even of the binding is more than pleasant. I really like these books more than any other role playing game based books. I wish more books would be of such a high quality…


The artwork is as always full of variety and beautiful. I often wish I was that talented. AEG really has some good artists working for them. I wont be able to review this book for a while. I may or may not when I get to reading the full thing. All I know is that I am getting pretty psyched up about this game and really want to host a campaign. My problem is the lack of time to read through all of the material and learn/study the world in the game to fully run it decently as a game master.

I also have a small update on my Deviantart account. I finally added some Infinity photos. Basically just some pics of my first Keisotsu model that has been finished for quite some time. I am currently working on two more models for that mini army. Should be done sometime soon!


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