Fighting the backlog: Part 01

As many other people in the line of the miniature painting hobby, I too am a model addict and tend to buy more than I can actually manage and handle. I decided to tally up what exactly of what all I have to paint and be painted. It can actually be rather disheartening at times. I will, however, get through it with clenched teeth and lots of kickassery and awesomeness. So what I will do, to the tenth of every month is tally up what I have left to paint and hopefully see some progress in my painting shenanigans. I wont be listing my finished projects. Just chopping off from the ones I currently have lying around and taunting me.

Malifaux (149):
Project Leveticus (12):

  • Leveticus
    2x Hollow Waif
    4x Steam Abominations
    2x Canine Remains
    Hooded Rider
    Dead Rider (Already painted but will be stripped and altered to fit this crew

Project Kirai (23/24):

  • Kirai
    Lost Love
    5x Seishin
    4x Onryo
    4x Gaki
    2x Shikome
    3x The Drowned
    1x Insidious Madness (May be removed from this list due to M2E changes)

Project Colette (7):

  • 3x Avatar Colette
    2x Coryphée + bases
    1x Performer
    1x Mannequin

Project Gremlins (27):

  • 3x Young LaCroix
    4x Bayou Gremlins
    1x Pigapult
    1x Gremlinette
    1x Hog Whisperer
    Burt Jebson
    Som’er Teeth Jones
    2x Giant Mosquito
    1x Taxidermist
    1x Egg Hauler
    1x War Rooster
    1x War Pig
    4x Piglet
    4x Stuffed Piglet

Project Undead Guild (8):

  • Dead Justice
    DJ The Judge
    3x DJ Death Marshals
    3x Witchling Stalker

Project Nicodem (13):

  • Nicodem
    1x Vulture
    10x Mindless Zombies

Dunno what to do with yet (51):

  • Collodi
    4x Marionette
    2x Stitched Together
    3x Silurid
    Bad Juju
    Voodoo Doll
    The Dreamer
    Nightmare Lord Chompy Bits
    Nightmare Teddy
    1x Beckoner
    3x Alps
    1x Lilitu
    1x Lelu
    Avatar Pandora
    Avatar Candy
    Avatar Seamus
    Avatar McMourning (Simulacrum 29)
    McMourning (old model)
    Seamus (alt model)
    Rusty Alyce
    Perdita Ortega (old model)
    Pandora (old model)
    C. Hoffmann
    2x Night Terror
    3x Guild Autopsy
    Rogue Necromancy
    Rasputina (alt model)
    Mobile Toolkit
    1x Desolation Engine
    Von Schill
    Student of Conflict
    1x Desperate Mercenary (male)
    1x Hollow Waif
    2x Rotten Bell

To be sold and repurchased cause I am a dumbass (7):

  • Yan Lo
    Soul Porter
    3x Ashigaru

Infinity (21):
Yu Jing – Japanese Sectorial (20):

  • 2x Keisotsu
    1x Keisotsu, ML
    1x Keisotsu, LGL
    1x Keisotsu, HMG
    1x Kempeitai, Shotgun
    1x Kempeitai, Combi
    1x Domaru, Shotgun
    1x Domaru, Combi
    Takeshi “Neko” Oyama
    1x Tokusetsu Butai
    4x Haramaki Zensenbutai
    1x Haramaki Zensenbutai, ML
    1x Oniwaban
    Shinobu Kitsune
    1x Aragoto Senkenbutai
    1x Aragoto Senkenbutai, Spitfire

Other Infinity models (1):

  • GoGo Marlene

Bushido (13):
Cult of Yurei (6):

  • Kato, the Puppeteer
    Kairai Villager

Ito Clan (7):

  • Itsunagi Ito
    Temple Bushi
    Ayako Ito
    Kenzo Ito

Estimated amount of other random minis: 10

This leaves me at a total of about 193 models to be painted and worked on in some way. I am royally fucked. So I will be working on these models and trying to hold back on future purchases, though quite a few are already planned out for me or already paid for, e.g. models from the Through the Breach kickstarter. Future posts on this will basically list what I have knocked off of this list or depict how I changed it. I may prompt to sell some of the random models I do not know what to do with as not all of them really fit into any schemes of mine for the mean time.

At least I have proof of some finished models…


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9 Comments on “Fighting the backlog: Part 01”

  1. July 10, 2013 at 4:36 am #

    Haha, so jealous of your number of figures, I have a grand total of 7 ahaha. But I keep wondering – to buy more minis (which would make ME happy) or paints (probably should own more than 8 colours if I want to keep painting without having to lend other peoples haha)

    • July 10, 2013 at 4:44 am #

      Don’t be. So many figures can be disheartening. Its bad for morale when you see what you plan to paint is never ending. lol

      Considering you can get 3-5 paints per blister, pick up a cool model or two you want and then a couple paints you wish to paint on it. I usually end up buying paints on the fly when I have an idea how to use them. They accumulate quickly, especially since they are ‘cheap’ in a way.

      • July 10, 2013 at 5:38 am #

        Yea, the unfortunate side (or maybe fortunate!) to my purchases is that they are all online as there are no locations around here that sell miniatures or proper miniatures paints. So I have to put a lot of thought into what I want to buy and for what it can be used for. Although, this does mean instead of 1 paint at I time, I can wait and buy sets to try to get my collection going 🙂

      • July 10, 2013 at 6:37 am #

        Ah that sucks. I got a good local game store where I can pick up stuff on the go.

        It all comes down to how much money you spend at once. Generally a small handful of paints is always a good thing to order on the side.

        Which colors do you already have? I could make ‘must have’ recommendations, if you want.

      • July 10, 2013 at 6:45 am #

        Oh that would be great if you didn’t mind!!

        Baal Red (wash)
        Devlan Mud (wash)
        Leviathan Purple (wash)
        Thraka Green (wash)
        Badab Black (wash)
        Chaos Black

        Formula P3:
        Ryn Flesh
        Beaten Purple
        Iosan Green
        Morrow White
        Skorne Red
        Meredius Blue

        I will likely have to replace the P3 colours however, as I have been told by a few people that the time I bought them, was the same time the company was having a lot of trouble with their paints and so when they’re used they take on a solid plastic sheen and don’t go on nice and matte like my friends Citadel ones.

        Do you happen to know anywhere good online for miniature supplies that might ship to Aus?

      • July 10, 2013 at 7:06 am #

        You could always try my local game store. They have an awesome assortment and variety in models, games, materials and all that jazz. Shipping seems to be quite a bit. Check it out, see if you like it.

        Otherwise I generally purchase paints in dropper bottles. I even filled all of my Citadel paints (well most of them at least) into dropper bottles. They help when measuring mixtures and I don’t like crusty lips on little pots of paints. lol

        Game Color and Model Color, both from Vallejo are really good brands for mini painting. Though Game Color may be more suitable, as it is more durable for playing. Regardless of which paints you will always want a varnish. A matte varnish is my favorite way to go, since I do not like shiny glossy models, though you can buy gloss varnish in a dropper bottle too to paint on parts of a model that are supposed to be glossy, for instance jewels or blood ‘n’ gore. A matte varnish may also help get rid of the glossy sheen you have on your P3 colors.

        Must have paints: Some form of bone color. I use Game Color’s Bone White, but the other brands have similar colored paints. It is a great color to use to mix with and blend with. It is pretty off white and thus when you mix other paints with it they are not so excessively vibrant and more muted, more natural.
        The washes you have are perfect. My favorite line of washes, actually. (I am all jelly cause of your purple wash, the only one I do not have of those… 😛 )
        Otherwise pick up the standard colors, such as orange and yellow. Maybe a couple greys and browns, since those are well used and often used colors. You may want to pick up a flesh wash as well. This can help you paint fleshy parts a bit better as it is not a muddy brown like devlan mud but more a reddish and natural brown tone.

  2. iwaslikeyou
    July 10, 2013 at 5:11 am #

    Not going to at least paint Alyce and the Desolation Engine when you paint Levi and the SPAs?
    They can still become one in 2.0, can’t they?

    I am disappointed that Alyce is no longer a merc, though. I’ve used her with Ramos far more often than with Levi. Now that I own Hoff, I do wanna run them together, as well.

    Taking her “can only be hired by a scavenger master” away was a good fix, as she should have a fully functional arm by now. Just like how the Peacekeeper lost its drawbacks, finally, after years of Hoffman tinkering with it. Being able to run her with Nicodem would have been nice, as I made much better use of SPAs with him.

    • July 10, 2013 at 6:34 am #

      I plan to use the new sculpts instead. So they are not in my project list. 🙂

      Many things have changed. Though I feel not necessarily to the worst. Look at it from a fluffy aspect. She is more dedicated than before and officially a right hand (wo)man now instead of just a student of Levi’s.

  3. July 11, 2013 at 5:38 am #

    Which is even more of a reason for her to be able to lend her skills to others, while she gains intel on them.

    Odds are fairly good that you can get a second Desolation Engine out in Malifaux Classic. Not sure if they got better or worse with 2.0.

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