My life is a butt~

Indeed it is! I cannot seem to get the time to paint as much as I would like for this so-called ‘Gremlin Month’. By today I had planned to have finished about 14 models and actually I have only managed to get 5 done and 3 half-finished. Which is, in a way, an accomplishment. About a week for 8 models (the three are going to be finished today!) is pretty hefty for my usual routine. Let’s start off with the finished suckers and some terrible photos!


20130821_013911 20130821_014353 20130821_014915 20130821_015004

These are the five finished models I managed to paint up in one day! Really dedicated… Ha! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to dedicate myself to painting that much since then. Only little bits here and there.
The first four are Gremlin Piglets. Frisky little fellas that are in a way rather dull as models. So I decided to pep them up and make them somehow interact or ‘life’ in the swampy base I have given them. The other little guy is one of Ophelia’s totems, a Young LaCroix. I like this model the most out of the three. It is cute and in a way shows a casual and probably daily interaction between the pigs and the gremlins. I dig.


This is one of the three gremlins I have been working on. Unfortunately I haven’t managed to finish the three yet. This guy was the most fun to paint, thus far. I like the little octopi in his buckets and really enjoyed painting them. This guy is pretty much finished, though I will give him a touch up on his beanie and the ropes holding up his buckets as well. He also had a hollow eye space making it hard to paint his left eye, so I painted the sucker a dark brown to make it look like he has lost his eye to a gory pig.


My second favorite of the Young LaCroix. Ironically this model is supposed to depict how small they are by having him wear ridiculously large clothing. This guy is just as tall as any other grown gremlin, which is kind of sad. I would have preferred a smaller one, about the size of the one riding a piglet. None the less this guy’s hat’s band will be redone, as well as his books and possibly the highlights on his hat. I am not too content with those results yet.


This guy is pretty neat and was easy to paint since he is mostly just coat. Here I plan to redo the hat a bit as I am not liking the highlights on them. Otherwise I am pretty happy with the result thus far.

What I learned from this experience is to not rush things and force them. These last three models have a lot of things I will have to redo because I am not happy with them. Why did they turn out that way? Because I rushed them. So I plan to take my time on the models to come and may just paint 2 at a time, if even. That way I will make sure I get the results I want and like.

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One Comment on “My life is a butt~”

  1. August 27, 2013 at 6:42 pm #

    Ooooh, looking so good!! 😀
    Still love those dear dear piggies!!

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