Finally it is here! The past few days I have been ‘laboring’ over my impish swamp dwellers and have glued and assembled all of them. Now that they are assembled, primed and looking at me mischievously, I cannot do anything else but get to painting them and initiate my month long gremlin grind.

I want to get into the gaming action and need a few ‘core’ models painted up, in order to play properly. Since I am one of those types who prefers and usually plays with fully painted crews, I will aim to get these suckers finished ASAP:

Som’er Teeth Jones
Avatar Som’er Teeth ‘n’ Peaches
2x Mosquitos
5x Bayou Gremlin (the fifth is from the Pigapult)
1x Slop Hauler
3x Young LaCroix
1x Hog Whisperer (Gremlinette)
4x Piglets

That would be 18 models that I ‘immediately’ need to play by the end of this current month. It sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t. Gremlins are usually easy to paint up and the piglets are going to get finished really quickly. Same with the mosquitos. Avatar Som’er may require a bit of attention, since the model is not only huge, but in an ugly way beautiful and worth the effort to make it look good. I think I may start off with the three Young LaCroix, so I can M2E with Ophelia until my Campaign League continues at the end of the month. By then I will need the rest finished and pampered.

After that I still have the following left to paint up:

1x Slop Hauler
1x Egg Hauler
1x Hog Whisperer
1x Lenny
1x Wong
1x Burt Jebson
1x Gracie
1x War Pig
1x War Rooster
1x McTavish
1x Pigapult
3x Stuffed Piglets
1x Taxidermist
1x Zoraida
1x(7x) Voodoo Doll
2x Waldgeis

It is quite a bit left over to paint after that but nothing of that is directly needed immediately. I am not 100% sure what I will paint after the initial squad. Probably some of the smaller models first, also to fill in as more Bayou Gremlins.

Here’s a WIP on the first five critters I tossed onto my desk to paint. The finished ones will be shown in the next post. THIS IS GREMLIN MOOOOONTH!



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  1. August 21, 2013 at 2:49 am #

    Blurry pictures, for the win! 😀

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