Do not worry! I am still alive, sort of.

This is gonna be a long post, so if you wanna tldr, read this: “I am awesome.” K? Good.

It is still, in some peculiar way, Gremlin Month! Bam! I haven’t been painting as much as I would have liked, due to lack of time, ambition and motivation. Work has been pretty draining as of late and I usually have so much stupid shit to deal with that I can’t even shut off at home anymore. I am still active and I have gotten to paint bits of Lenny and another model. I will start off with that now!


This is Lenny. The tallest and in a way dumbest gremlin around. Taller than a man he can swing entire tree trunks to decimate his opponents and then pet a piglet to make himself feel better and forget his injuries. He also wears his pants on backwards. I love this model. He has probably the most flavor of all of the gremlin models and is surely but definitely becoming my favorite model from the gremlin range. The only thing I dislike about the model is that the pig and his shirt are conjoined into an odd bridge like contraption that makes it look funky. Besides that damn well made. Kudos Wyrd, kudos.


This little guy may seem kind of off at first. Some people do not realize that this is actually the gremlin from the Pigapult pack. I just liked the guy a whole lot and figured he would be better suited on his own place as a proxy Bayou Gremlin to fill in the lack of variety in the countless gremlins you can produce. I like the little guy and I am pretty sure his style with two pairs of glasses will come in trendy some time, never.


I have put my gremlins to the test in a few games. This is one I really enjoyed a whole lot. We played two team match ups. Leviticus and Marcus on the opposing side and Seamus with Ophelia on the other. Each player shared a strategy with his respective partner and only had one randomly determined scheme to use instead of two, to make things slightly easier. Oddly our opponents took Assassinate against my Ophelia, who had Bodyguard and they ended up killing Seamus instead of her. We learned a lot in this game, especially how useful the Pigapult really is. Also Père Ravagé can deal 14 Damage in one turn. Pretty damn hefty.


After kicking it with some Malifaux we ended up having a delicious dinner followed by an utterly awesome and in many ways uncomfortable cake feast at this little place nearby our local game store. We had good laughs and full bellies. Good times, indeed!
More good times ensued when we got to a friend’s apartment and decided to play Evil Baby Orphanage for the first time. Originally we had planned on grabbing a few beers after a couple of games, but we ended up playing the damn card game for nearly six hours. It is THAT awesome. I will write a review sometime later once I have been able to play it with a larger group and more often.


Two things in this picture. 1) Yes that is a new Infinity model. More to that a bit further below. That is a doctor model though that I had ordered because it is out of print and I really wanted the cute kitty doctor lady.
2) I finally got around to purchasing some more music (more on the way…). That is the newest album by Fall Out Boy. I have only been able to browse through it a couple of times at work and what I have heard thus far is damn awesome. I cannot wait to go into it in-depth this coming weekend.


Yes, Infinity. I do have the Japanese Infinity army and really like the models. Just at the moment I am not ‘feeling’ them as such. My issue is that at the moment I am painting all kinds of random gremlins and am really enjoying them a whole lot. The militant feeling the JSA models give off is just not something I can deal with right now. So I decided to go for another project that will arise after this so-called ‘Gremlin Month’ of mine. Bakunin Jurisdictional Sectorial Army of the Nomads in Infinity the game. I like these models as they are all kind of different and pretty random at times too. There is a monkey hero. Yes. Monkey. And they are damn cool looking. Look forward to more dedicated posts on these guys coming October.


Here’s a sneak peek at the bases I have planned for my Infinity peeps. So excited!

To close things off in a gremlin manner I will list off the models I still want to have finished up by the end of this month. These are models I plan to use with Ophelia, since she is the first gremlin master I want to learn to play.

Lenny (70% finished)
Bayou Gremlin (70% Finished)
Bayou Gremlin
Bayou Gremlin
Slop Hauler
War Pig

It is still a lot but definitely in the realms of possible. I will kick some butt and try to get as much done as possible. Until next time!

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2 Comments on “Do not worry! I am still alive, sort of.”

  1. September 15, 2013 at 3:44 pm #

    Oooh! Infinity! 😀 Can’t wait to see you paint up these bad boys!
    And awesome idea for the bases!!

    I stuffed up with mine and securely glued/pinned them all to the bases before painting them because they were so fragile – now regreting it because I don’t want to try to take them off – but I can’t really do anything interesting with the basing anymore :< *woe, woe woe woe*

    • September 17, 2013 at 4:09 am #

      Yeah! I am pretty excited as well! :3

      Not all is lost, though! You can easily just add some sandy bits and tufts of grass. Or you can do a simple shading paint job like the Nomads have in the original Infinity paint job. The simple bases can be made very well with very little! 🙂

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