Four more, more four!

Sorry for the late post! Busy bee, I be! B! Anyway I did manage to get a few models finished. Today I will be showing off four more models of my gremlin crew that I have finished. Finally my crew and some variety therein is shaping up to be a good little core for my gremlin horde. At the moment I am working on a Pigapult, which is a total pain in the ass to paint. But it should be done sometime this week as well. With that only a few more models are missing until I have reached my goal. A bit over a week left to paint to achieve it!

This is Stinky Pete. A frisky little fella who abandoned his Pigapult to see the action face to face for once (with a telescope of course). One of my all time favorite gremlin models. Originally he is supposed to go on the Pigapult base, but I figured he would make a great Bayou Gremlin, especially when you need a lot of bodies for Som’er. A really cool and fun model to paint, though I dislike bandages, like on his feet. They just drive me nuts.

20130912_191456_zps09d11ce2 20130912_191512_zpse1a73ca0

Speaking of Bayou Gremlins, here’s another little critter I got finished up. I really disliked the model a whole lot for a long time. Then I painted it and now it is one of my favorites, as odd as that may sound. There is not much to say besides that he is AWESOME! I do not have a name for him. Any ideas?

20130915_154034_zpsedb91707 20130915_154048_zpsa52d9a0b

Lenny! Oh how I enjoy this model so much! Oddly the ONE gremlin I never intended to buy. Luckily M2E made him not only viable but also damn vital to gremlin forces out there so I was forced to pick him up. This model has so many cool things about it, I couldn’t list them all. (His pants are on backward!!!!)

20130912_191600_zpse3838984 20130912_191639_zpsa1eb5038

The last model of this post is the limited edition Egg Hauler, an alternate version of the Slop Hauler. I really like this model and am very pleased with my result. Mostly because it still ties in well with my other gremlin models. I was tempted to go for something wacky and colorful, but opted against it and am pretty glad I did. A pleasant side effect of a uniform color scheme is that models then stand out by being ‘themselves’, as in the miniature stands out for what it is. I dubbed this guy Buck Bunneh Boy. You bucking read right!

20130915_153949_zps72bf3935 20130915_154004_zps7ba52872

With that I am pretty much done with this post. I do have a thing to mention on the side, as to why I have been so absent in the hobby scene as of late: I am super busy. Work is being a larger hassle than usual and I am starting to renovate my apartment, trying to clean out a lot of my stuff. I just have been super busy I cannot even take the time or effort to make a simple post like this. But I will try! So fret not, if you even do, lol.
Concerning gremlin shenanigans, I will be posting more soon. Pigapult, Bayou Gremlin, Hog Whisperer, War Pig and the Gremlinette are still on my to-do list and will be finished shortly, so stay tuned!

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