Making a Dreadball Team Part 1 (Color Scheme)

The time has come for me to work on my Dreadball team. The crowd is growing anxious to see some action, so I must make haste (relatively…). In this post I will deal with some of my thoughts on creating my own personal DB team and the color scheme with all of the other shenanigans belonging to it. A separate post concerning my team’s background, name, history and other fluff will be posted at a later date.

Here is a small picture of my 8 players and a referee bot! I used some custom orc heads to add variety to my bigger and more noticeable players.


Like many other tabletop games, Dreadball is one in which you play a personalized team that represents you, your strategies and various forms of luck as well. In my opinion the best thing to do it to pick a color scheme you can enjoy. You will be playing with the team, so you might as well go for something you fancy. Some people like to pick pre-painted teams (or armies, depending on game), but they kind of lack the personal touch, in my opinion. I opted to go for my usual two favorite colors in the miniature scene: orange and green. As you can tell by my Gremlins posted on this blog, I really dig orange and green is a color I like combining with orange as well.
Orcs are usually depicted with green skin. So I already have one of the two colors covered! The remaining would be orange and I basically have the sporting gear left to paint… Easy decision there as well. To be fair, though, the orange gear was kind of set in stone, after I have seen a really well painted orange orc and goblin team by another person. I went far enough to steal his/her idea on using some checker designs in it as well. Some things I did not like and I will be altering the scheme more to my tastes. Another color I would like to include would be purple. It will be a secondary color for some gear and especially mostly glowing effects on the models, such as lighted up player numbers and the likes. To kind of get an idea on what the gear will look like, check out this ball I have painted up in the team colors.


There were a few thoughts running around in my head concerning the skin tones of the models I will be using. I usually dislike orcs and goblins, because I dislike green skin (That’s why my Gremlins are orange!). So I had to find a way to be able to enjoy the greenies, despite my usual tastes in miniatures. Since my team’s colors are going to be rather bright, I figured: “Why not make them even more brighter?” A cartoon-like look to them would make them more fun, more flashy and especially more attention drawing on the gaming field. So lime green suckers are heading your way!


This is basically the little bit of progress i have made on my team. I do not intend on doing a super-duper paint job on the models, as I want to play quickly and also because I do not really want to spend so much time painting. I have a lot of stuff to paint and I would rather dump intensive time into my Infinity models and other miniatures than on a fun and silly Dreadball team. I’d appreciate some feedback on these guys and what you guys think. C&C is always welcome! Cheers and until next time.


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