The Problems With Black Primer

So I attempted to paint my Dreadball team and it’s vibrant, colorful and especially bright color scheme on a black primer foundation. It sucks like heck to attempt to cover up such a dark color with such a bright one. I sought out some help from fellow painters in a Facebook painter community and got all kinds of pretty useful tips. As useful as they are, ultimately they are all mostly time intensive, as it still requires lots of layering. Layering is nice, but not when you are short on time and eager to get shit done. So I re-primed my already primed models a bone color. Unfortunately the result turned out slightly flakey on some models, which is disappointing, but not particularly terrible on these models, as I do not plan to showcase them too much.


Here’s my most recent progress on two new models for my team.

20140513_000115 20140513_000135

I pretty much for the orange down. Down, down, down and down. I really dig the results and am happy with the outcome. Added blacks for a stark contrast and purple to blend in with the orange really hits the spot (for me at least…). All I have to do is add some NMM on the buckles and a few other metallic parts of the models, some black and white checker patterns and then some bright purple glowy things and highlights to finish it up.

It does take a bit more time than I anticipated to paint these guys, especially since the orange is so detailed. I do not mind too much, seeing as the results are up to my fancy. The decision to go for a lighter primer makes it all the more better now, considering I would need to layer about 4-5 layers of paint just to get a good and even base coat of orange on the sucks. Time to finish up these suckers. The next post will show off the finished models! Until then!

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