Loads of Gremlins! Damn have I been busy!

Been pretty inactive for a couple of months and started painting on some Infinity models, which will be posted in a separate and later post. Now I wish to share with you my fruits of the past two weeks! Loads of Malifaux stuff (not really but still quite a good lot). I have been wanting to play Malifaux but due to lack of change in my model count I have just gotten bored with it. So I painted up some new stuff so I can tinker around with the ‘Faux again!

First up is Som’er Teeth Jones and his four Skeeters. Som’er is one of my favorite Gremlin models of the entire range. I really enjoyed painting him and did tinker around a bit with the ‘metallic’ shading of his weapon. I based it a bit on what a trumpet looks like. It still looks kind of cool. The four Skeeters are all pretty easy on the eyes. Nothing really striking about them. They are cheap little extras to play with, so I can live with them not being as vibrant as their master.

20140817_164810_zpsntq7q0oz 20140817_164804_zps8bsnygjn

20140820_180045_zpsf3sdewq4 20140820_180105_zpsceimji17

20140820_180122_zpstdbtq6h3 20140820_180141_zpstiicefv5

The next three models are some wacky fellows to add to my Gremlin lists. The first is a Taxidermist. This guy can make undead pigs with explosives. Crazy! I was unsure about what to do with his hair. A pure grey would have been too in tune with my color scheme. I also thought of a bright and fiery red tone for some additional craziness. I ended up going for a dark red. After I painted the hair (first things I did after the skin tone) I was really unsure about it. I couldn’t really see it all blend well with the rest of the color scheme I had in mine. I decided to paint it all first and then see how I liked it. Turns out I was pleased with it in the end. This just tells you to not give up on an idea immediately.

20140817_164746_zpsei9pwlap 20140817_164751_zpsp3jkikdj

Next up is a model I converted. My first converted model as well. I didn’t do too much, really. I just added an apron, chef hat and some undefinable chunks of nastiness on a metal poker. I am pleased with how it turned out.

20140823_192243_zpskxqz36sx 20140823_192247_zpsoy6bytnq

Finally we get to the third and last model for this post: Burt Jebson. I really wanted to start playing with this guy (more variety). So I went for it and achieved. There is nothing really much to say about him. I have a little irk with the model. It is very smooth and its features differ drastically from the older pewter models. I also find his facial structure is very different from the old gremlins, making him look like an odd one out. Not necessarily a bad thing, since Gremlins are surely as diverse in appearance as we are. I am only slightly bothered by his scale. He is about a full head taller than other normal Gremlin models. I hope the new plastic Gremlins wont all fall under this height difference.

20140823_192257_zpshci4lvra 20140823_192301_zpswcldzi4m

That sums it up pretty much. The next post will come with some Infinity models I am currently working on. Cheers and until then!


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