Going Nomad and a swine of a weekend!

As mentioned before I painted some Infinity models. Some became some more, actually! I present to you my first four Infinity models *cough*liesyouforgotyourJSA*cough*… Have fun!

First up two Zeroes. One of my favorite models, gameplay wise. I enjoy these infiltrators with their mine shenanigans and obviously stylish looks.

20140811_191111_zpsciruiigo 20140811_191057_zpsowpdplyr

20140811_191353_zpsgemjiore 20140811_191400_zpswd05xobv

20140829_230419_zpsexcdkzaf 20140829_230423_zpsmvpt97ox

20140829_230430_zpscq49mwu1 20140829_230434_zpsdgxbuc27

The other two models are some Bakunin Moderators. Some small cost order generating models that can be equipped with some decent weapons.

20140829_230444_zps4f7eu7ft 20140829_230449_zps0owyx0k7

20140829_230454_zpsfyx0nmtk 20140829_230458_zpscmgl3xpa

20140811_191622_zpsyhxz5hhw(1) 20140811_191629_zpsxqacdjgn

20140811_191634_zpsaqcpcetz(1) 20140811_191641_zps8stpdo3o

My next post regarding Infinity will probably be after the next two models. Another Moderator and a kick ass Prowler! Before that I have a fun little themed weekend for me. I will pig out on Malifaux pigs. I have to paint 4 Stuffed Piglets, 1 Golden Piglet/Pigolope and Gracie! I should be able to manage this and with that I will be six more steps closer to having all of the potential Gremlin models I can use that have been released painted thus far! So many models already, it is hard to believe I once wanted to start out with them as a small five model demo crew.

WIth that until next time. Off to Pig Out Weekend!

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2 Comments on “Going Nomad and a swine of a weekend!”

  1. September 4, 2014 at 4:32 pm #

    Can’t wait to see what your pigs look like. I was considering painting my own gremlins orange which is how I found your site, but I am worried a bit that the colors might be too similar between the gremlins and pigs.

    Keep up the great work!

    • September 4, 2014 at 4:40 pm #

      I do have some images of my green pigs somewhere here in this blog. I am kind of busy with infinity models at the moment. Only got some stuffed piglets finished.

      You could go for brown pigs. Or white/black speckled ones. 🙂

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