Thorakithree – Indeed!

Time to share some more of my progress on Infinity models. I painted up more Thorakitai miniatures. Here they are:

wpid-wp-1415703870854.jpeg wpid-wp-1415703883812.jpeg

wpid-wp-1415703891043.jpeg wpid-wp-1415703898355.jpeg

Thrasymedes is probably one of the coolest Thorakitai models. His stance is intimidating and for some odd reason he is just badass looking. I think it is because of his stern, down to business look. I am really pleased with how his skin and facial features turned out. This shows me that I am really getting better at painting. The practice is showing its fruits. I used the same brown tone for a base of the skin as I did the armor, making it blend in and merge into the model; making it look more natural.
I can appreciate the slight differences in the miniature between this miniature and other Thorakitai. I still would have preferred a more uniform look to the sculpt. I guess it makes him unique amongst the soldiers. Definitely a fun mini to paint, none the less!


wpid-wp-1415703904286.jpeg wpid-wp-1415703908912.jpeg

wpid-wp-1415703913764.jpeg wpid-wp-1415703918234.jpeg

Ever wanted to blow up stuff? This guy has all it takes. A kick ass missile launcher and the tough guy look that goes with being… well, a tough guy. A really fun model to paint. I especially like the missile launcher sculpt. Very neat and fun to work on. Lots of room to try some glowy effects. I was considering some glowy stuff from within the barrel, but opted against as he is kind of pointing forward with his left hand, presumably signalling where he will shoot next.

Anyway, that sums up the next two models of the bunch. More Thorakitai to go in the next one! See you then!

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