Thorakifive – Now it’s getting old… Still awesome, though!

I have finally finished the ‘last two’ Thorakitai models available (not counting Chandra Spec-Ops, which I do not own yet…). None the less I am pretty pleased with how the squad turned out. Let’s show off the individual models and go onto a group shot near the end of the post.

wpid-wp-1417181595108.jpeg wpid-wp-1417181605667.jpeg

wpid-wp-1417181614484.jpeg wpid-wp-1417181623462.jpeg

This is the third and final Thorakitai model available. I am hoping CB will eventually release more models with alternate weaponry, but I guess all the other fancy models are more important to them at the moment. Rant aside, I enjoyed painting this model quite a lot. His pose is fun and he looks just as menacing and tough as the rest of his squad. Painting between his chest and the submachine gun was a pain in the ass, but I guess that is my own fault. I could have glued the arm on after painting, but I am just not too much into doing it perfectly.

wpid-wp-1415704578228.jpeg wpid-wp-1415704582517.jpeg

wpid-wp-1415704588218.jpeg wpid-wp-1415704591352.jpeg

Nesaie Alke. One of my all time favorite Infinity models. It was a treat to paint her and I am super glad she turned out so lovely. The purple/pink hair was an experiment, using orange and yellow tones to highlight. Her pose is very fitting as she is pretty much the perfect Leader or even lieutenant to use in-game. Like Thrasymedes she differs slightly from the regular Thorakitai in some minor details. Over all though, she fits in perfectly well and helps toss out a great uniform look to the squad I have painted.



From unprimed to primed. A great looking squad that proved to me that my funky idea for a color scheme works well in bulk. My first 100 Points finished for Infinity. Now I can start off with the fun slow grow campaign my friends and I are going to start once 3rd Edition is released.

So what comes next? Which models are being added to my Aleph army? I started off with one section of standard or regular foot soldiers. One would probably say that Myrmidons are the regular Steel Phalanx standard troops. But I personally just wouldn’t have fun using a pure ODD squad. So I picked out the harder to play form of foot soldiers and went with my beloved Thorakitai. Regardless I do plan to use some Myrmidons. These will be part of my next to be painted miniatures for my Aleph army. Including some remotes and some special characters. So stay tuned and see you next time!


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2 Comments on “Thorakifive – Now it’s getting old… Still awesome, though!”

  1. WinterMute
    December 8, 2014 at 2:35 pm #

    Stunning work! Looking forward to seeing more! 🙂

  2. December 8, 2014 at 4:48 pm #

    Really liking this color scheme! It’s pretty unique!

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