Start supporting. Or something like that. Stuff.

An obviously cunning title, yet again! Shall I prevail with my awesome streak? Surely! None the less this post will be about more miniatures! More Infinity! More Aleph! More support!!!

The first two models are so-called Netrods.


These high-tech rods of supporting awesomeness (Yes this is a theme, get over it!) are pretty much small little order generating and besides that useless gadgetry. Nothing really much to see on them. I am sure I could have tossed in a little more effort into the paint job, but these are probably the most uninteresting models of the Aleph army. Their job is to stand somewhere on the table and do nothing but die. So yeah, not worth loads of effort.

The next model is a little, nay rather a whole lot more interesting. Yudbot!

wpid-wp-1429020341664.jpeg wpid-wp-1429020345067.jpeg wpid-wp-1429020348604.jpeg

This little robot lass is a supporting model to doctors and engineers alike. Basically they function as an extension of the specialist model, making them cheap ways to not get your cool guys killed.
Painting this model took longer than anticipated. Lots of small, yet awesome, detail. I tried to keep her color scheme similar to regular human models and their clothing/armor. This will make her look uniform amongst the other warriors of Aleph.

Last, but not least we have a really awesome support model. Relatively newly released, the Dactyl gal is one hot lady!

wpid-wp-1423834372208.jpeg wpid-wp-1428142252903.jpeg

wpid-wp-1423834382629.jpeg wpid-wp-1423834393792.jpeg

One of my favorite Aleph models up to date. Her pose just kills me. It looks so much more natural compared to other models standing around in similar fashion. Her hair was a fun experiment and people in a Facebook group I belong to voted for it. WGC Infinity in case you want to check them out. Very active and fun bunch!
Back to business! Painting, stuff, bla bla. This model was a hell of a lot of fun to paint. Her skin tones came out very well, which pleases me in a huge way, as I am not used to painting such ‘large’ portions of uncovered skin at once. Its good practice and hope I can manage to keep that as a standard for future paint jobs.

That would be all for now. I can say I have a decent supporting cast to my Infinity army as of now. The next model will be more an aggressive entity rather than some side-lined folks who just want to help out. I can’t wait to paint Ajax!

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