Soon to come: Tohaa Month

Yes. Tohaa. My beloved first pick for Infinity. Like my old Gremlin Month in the day (that kind of extended into a Gremlin odd amount of time that definitely was more than a month) I shall be focusing my efforts onto some really neat models!


My Goal: Finish the above six Tohaa models in the month of May.

Here we have a Kamael, a Makaul and a Kumotail creating a triad. A leading Rasail and her Chaksa companion to head my little troop and a Diplomatic Delegate for some additional support and point filling (this is only a 100 Point ‘army’).

Originally I was going to paint my Tohaa like this:

wpid-wp-1423835296703.jpeg wpid-wp-1423835307152.jpeg

wpid-wp-1423835318781.jpeg wpid-wp-1423835330046.jpeg

A pretty fun color scheme to paint. It let me experiment with some yellow and a few other color combinations I haven’t used often. I am over all not satisfied with it enough to have it be an army color scheme. I enjoy it as a single model but I do not plan to paint anymore like that.
Old plans foiled, I had to come up with a new scheme and plan of colors to use. For this I decided to try something I haven’t used in any of my armies or groups: multi colored characters. Usually painters tend to get stuck and focus on a certain skin tone mixture for their miniatures. I too tend to lean towards caucasian skin tones for my models. For these suckers, I really want to mix and match. Each miniature is to have its own skin tone to set it apart from others. No, I do not plan on making a rainbow-colored army of aliens (Would be fun though. Murats maybe?). My intentions lay in another field: Green



I present to you the Scale 75 Colors of Nature paint set. It contains various shades of green from teal to a dark brownish green all the way to spunky lemon green. With this and of course a few other colors I will try to create unique skin tones for my alien folk.

Other colors I intend on using for my miniatures are going to be:

More green (Double Duh!)
Dark greys/black
Copper NMM
Possible white glowy bits

Some of these colors aren’t set in stone, but the general idea surely is. I can’t wait to get started. At the moment I am partaking in Wyrd’s Iron Painter contest. I will have to squeeze in an entry or two during May. Still I should manage to finish off the six miniatures by the end of the month.

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