The Heat is On! – A Friendly Competition of Doom, Hate and Nachos


It has been damn hot here in Berlin. Really, reeeeeeally hot. This basically resulted in my loss of motivation and in a way the possibility to sit at my desk. Painting with a fan aimed at you isn’t at all such a great idea. Ultimately, though, this is just a petty excuse to do nothing. NO MORE! No more, I say!

My good friend Jim and I decided to have a little competition. Paint 29 Miniatures as fast as possible. The person to have finished his 29 minis first wins and gets an awesome care package sent from the other guy. Jim in his trusting heart, accepted this dual of sorts, not realizing he will be sending me pop tarts very soon. Nummy, nummy pop tarts.

To get back on track, I will start off by showing what I have planned to paint and describe my approach with some of the miniatures.

Malifaux [20 Models]:
The main bulk of my to be painted miniatures. I play this game mostly at the moment and would like to add some new spunk to my array of crazy Gremlins. For this I have planned:

Apprentice Wesley
2 Moon Shinobis (Balancing Act + Beer Head)
1 Oiran (Gremlin Conversion)

1 Whiskey Golem


This bulk of models will let me tinker around with my newest Gremlin master and enable me quite an array of nasty awesomeness to torment my opponents. I opted against the third Moon Shinobi from the Brewmaster box, mostly because I think to play two should suffice.

Carver/Bad Juju
Spawn Mother
3 Silurids
3 Gupps


This swampfiend based group will add a bit of horror to my game and enable me to play Zoraida as a Neverborn master occasionally. I am using the Carver model as a proxy for Bad Juju. Considering he is in a way a large animated doll, why not have some swampy goodness fill him up and bring him back to life? Zoraida likes dollies.

4 Bayou Gremlins


More cannon fodder and the option to play more summoning Som’er Teeth Jones. The models in question are the mooning YOung LaCroix (I intend to use him as a regular Bayou Gremlin), the special edition Gremlin and two plastic Gremlins. Nothing really special, but surely fun.
That sums up my Malifaux critters. Time to get on to the next group of minis.

Eden [4 Models]:

This is a small portion of models I only want to paint so I can get a couple of demo runs in with a friend of mine, Flo. One of the minis is already slightly painted I did a small paint job on her skin (  I intend to paint over this and redo it anyway). Jim gave his blessings. The models are:

Pamela (Technically not Eden but Escape. I intend to use her as a proxy for another model…)


A small Resistance group to play Eden with. My fifth model is already finished (well… almost). I will most likely finish these suckers first and then move onto more Gremlin craziness.

Infinity [4 Models]:
Infinity is another game I like to play and I would really enjoy painting up some more minis for this wonderful game as well. My list will include a set amount of minis I have prepped and ready to go at.

Agema Sniper
Ekdromoi (Combi Rifle and CCW)
2 Devabots


With all of those miniatures, my count sums up to 28. I am keeping one slot open for one random model. Some Miniature I just want to paint. I, like many other hobby painted, need a bit of motivation to paint and I would like the option of something random to toss out there to keep my mojo running. I intend on saving this slot for Trixie Belle (Another Malifaux Gremlin), but I am unsure when I shall get that model. Other candidates are an Infinity civilian model or Aleph model. I may just use it to paint some random gremlin I have lying around. Who knows.

A large benefit in my position is that I have variety in models and color schemes (though limited to orange and green tones I still have fun with different ways to implement these colors). I do have a slight set back, which is I have yet to assemble or finish assembling some of these models., as you can see in the photos above. Still I think I have a good chance and even if Jim should manage to beat me (har har) I will have finished some of my sitting collection and at least have gotten further in the hobby.

With that, may the competition begin!

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2 Comments on “The Heat is On! – A Friendly Competition of Doom, Hate and Nachos”

  1. August 17, 2015 at 6:22 pm #

    I’ll be watching this with interest. I hope that the wager also involves regular posting of WIP and complete miniatures.

    • August 18, 2015 at 12:17 am #

      Hey! Yes it does, actually. A minimum post of one week. Hopefully to be more. The intention on my side is to post each project in before and afters. Considering I should be doing multiple minis a week, this shouldn’t lack in oncoming posts.

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