The Heat is On! – First ones down!

I know. One post a week. Yadda, yadda. Unfortunately I do not have an awesome excuse like my pal Jim does (Congrats on the medal!), I really haven’t been able to muster up the time and muse to paint for a while. I have, however, been working on two models. Rather slowly at first and picking up pace towards the end.

My first two are: Apprentice Wesley and Moon Shinobi

Wesley is a fun guy to paint. He does have some portions that really annoy me. Wyrd’s super fine detailed models are downright gorgeous. The problem is painting the intricate details to satisfaction. I can live with my poor job on Wes’ hat and water sack, but still I would have preferred something easier to paint which stands out more than fine detail that blends in and disappears.

wpid-20150901_013323.jpg wpid-20150901_013353.jpg

wpid-20150901_013333.jpg wpid-20150901_013347.jpg


The Moon Shinobi was pretty damn fun to paint. I love the miniature and the pose. Also painting his fine clothing was more fun than Wesley’s.

wpid-20150901_013452.jpg wpid-20150901_013506.jpg

wpid-20150901_013501.jpg wpid-20150901_013506.jpg


In general I am satisfied enough with these models to call them done. Definitely not my best work, but I am slightly rusty and I did paint the majority of the models with a size 2 brush, which usually is only used for base coating and not the fine detail.

With that, I am in the lead for now. I hope Jim will use this post as a kick in the ass to get some of his miniatures finished! You go get ’em!

Next issue: WIPs on my Oiran girl (now finished and sculpted) and another Moon Shinobi.

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