The Heat is On! – An Update Post

Weekly posts my ass! Awesome! Spectacular! Splendid! Fun! Joy! BLABLABLA!!!

Here is my ‘weekly’ update on this little competition… Current toll of finished models: 19
Yes. Nineteen! Jim is currently whipping up his sixteenth model. In other words I have turned up the heat and am currently in the lead with my shiny models. I will be posting some posts depicting the finished models and with a few words on them, as usual. This post is mostly just to get the info out there and to also list the next set of things I intend to paint. I have been rather liberal with what I paint for this competition. Thanks to Jim for this freedom!
My gaming scene has been shifting to the better and I have been more in need of models I intend to actually use and not just get off of my ‘to-do’ list. I have a regular gaming date each week. Sometimes even a second on Saturdays. My community is slowly becoming active again and this means I have more gaming needs as well. One of my larger projects I pursued during this event is painting up my Molly crew. You will get to see an entire post on a lot of delicious Molly and her scary kids and crazy friends in a few days. Otherwise I have added some gremlin models to fill out my Shifting Loyalties crew in Malifaux. Including a new Master and some really wacky models!

Gremlins painted:
2 Moon Shinobi
Apprentice Wesley
Mah Tucket
Little Lass
Merris LaCroix
Rooster Rider (War Rooster)
Oiran (Gremlinette conversion)

Ressurrectionists painted:
Necrotic Machine
Philip and the Nanny
3 Crooligans
2 Punk Zombies
Arcanists painted:
Performer (Limited Edition)

That is a heck of models in this short time span! I am proud of myself. Now the question is what to paint next! I have quite the lot of models to use yet. Especially since Molly is pretty much set in stone, I want to get started (again) on my Colette crew. Gremlins are good at the moment. I have more than enough to be happy playing them at the moment. The rest of my orange swamp dwellers will be painted after the event. Here is what I have yet to paint:

Molly (Malifaux):
Punk Zombie
3 Rotten Belles
Madame Sybelle
5 Mindless Zombies (ordered)

Colette (Malifaux):
3 Mechanical Doves
Mechanical Rider
2 Performers
2 mannequins
2 Ice Gamin
2 Metal Gamin
2 Coryphees

Aleph (Infinity):
2 Devabots
Scylla (ordered)
Acmon (ordered)
Dactyl Doctor (ordered)
GoGo Marlene

Molly’s stuff is pretty much good to go. I still have some of my old Belles and Sybelle to use, so painting up those new plastic gals isn’t a priority at the moment. Colette’s crew would need a lot painted just to get the starter box finished. Colette, Cassandra, three Doves, one Performer and two mannequins. Would be a total of eight models. Meaning I would have two more slots open for other stuff. I would probably toss out the doves and paint them after the event (too small to count for our event) and toss in something else. Probably the Mechanical Rider and maybe some Aleph models or Molly’s Belles. I can’t make up my mind and we will just have to see how things develop.

With that I will close off this post and look forward to seeing some posts with pics.

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