The Heat is On! – Slowly Catching Up!

Jim’s most recent post on his blog really got me wired up to kick myself in the ass. He has a total of six finished models thus far. With this post I cannot match it, but I am getting pretty darn close. Technically I have a half-finished Gremlin Oiran sitting around, ready to be finished as well. So catch up will be soon!

First model to show off would be my second Moon Shinobi. Slowly but surely my Brewmaster gang is building up. I like this Moon Shinobi the most of the three. It is just too damn funny to not find awesome! I really enjoy making some awesome balancing act bases to show off their mad drunk balancing skills. The third one will come up soon…

wpid-20150930_165133.jpg wpid-20150930_165151.jpg

wpid-20150930_165140.jpg wpid-20150930_165146.jpg

The second model is the first of a hopefully wonderful crew I am surely going to enjoy playing. I was able to get the Limited Edition Performer for a reasonable and humane price, here she is.

wpid-20151005_160732.jpg wpid-20151005_160745.jpg

wpid-20151005_160755.jpg wpid-20151005_160803.jpg

My Colette crew will have a heavy focus on oranges and purples, as you can see on the model above. Like my older Colette crew, this one will let me experiment with different combinations of adding these colors into my gals. The possibilities are limitless and I am really excited to finally get to this point in Malifaux.
Besides the dancing pole being half-assed (I just couldn’t manage to highlight straight lines, even with a flat side of the brush…) I am really pleased with the results. Her skin is a new level for me on miniatures in this scale. More color variety and blends than usual.

I have to say I am somewhat unhappy with the sculpt. Her hair looks odd out-of-place blowing or falling forward, however you want to put it, while her dress is flowing backwards. Surely there is a way to pull it off, it just looks somewhat odd on a miniature.
What really bums me out is her facial structure. Her right cheek is flatter and more caved in than her left. A little bit of symmetry is something I do enjoy. It isn’t easy to paint with oddly shaped structures. I guess practice will eventually make ‘perfect’.

With that expect to see a whole lot more Colette Crew items on my painting table. The majority of my minis will be Gremlins, but I do want to get my Colette gang on a table as soon as possible. Time to kick some ass, including Jim’s!

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