The Heat is On – Bayou Chaos

Another new post coming right up! I have been a busy bee. Playing lots, painting lots and have managed to add a few more crazy Gremlins to my model pool. In this post I will briefly inform you of the melee monster Mah Tucket, her little baby girl and a crazy rooster of freaking doom.


Mah Tucket ist one ugly model! Fun to paint though. I liked painting her face the most as it is really detailed and down right mean looking. The rest of her is kind of bland not nothing really special. Her apron was rather disappointing. It seems like they modeled the part you see from the front and not the sides or back. The apron cuts off and becomes a block of plastic. As seen in many other models, e.g. the flames on death marshal coffins. A little disappointing to see this on a master model, but I guess that is just how things are handled.

wpid-20151030_181707.jpg wpid-20151030_181722.jpg

wpid-20151030_181716.jpg wpid-20151030_181712.jpg

In game she is a melee brute. Really good at focusing on one model and utterly destroying it. She has some great pushing and movement shenanigans for models in her crew. I just dislike the need to buff up her melee range and attack with a separate action (with potential charge trigger…). It is unreliable in a way and also really reduces her threat range out of activation. I have used her to create an utterly devastating combo in combination with a War Pig. I will end up making a post dedicated to this maneuver. I will try to take photos of it and post it there as well.

Mah Tucket’s baby girl, the Little Lass, is a down right cute gremlin model. I decided to paint her bear as a panda, just for the heck of it and to include more colors of my color scheme on the model, as she is rather simple and there isn’t really much to her. Her hat is awesome. I really dig it.

20151028_174809 wpid-20151028_174822.jpg

wpid-20151028_174817.jpg wpid-20151028_174812.jpg

In game she is basically a little melee beat stick that is mostly just there to carry Mah’s stuff (in form of a free Upgrade). Mah has even gone as far as to kill her off just to get her stuff back. A fun model to use. I will have to see if Old Cranky ends up to be more useful to Mah in the future. I hope that model comes out soon!

The next model is absolutely insane. It literally is. This thing is a heavy-duty glass cannon. I may just be lucky, but in every game I have used this thing it has managed to bite off some model’s head and deal a load of damage to other models too before shattering to pieces. It is a crazy model for a mere 6 points.

wpid-20151025_133632.jpg wpid-20151025_133626.jpg

wpid-20151025_133617.jpg wpid-20151025_133611.jpg

I love this model. It is a giant, crazy, feather-plucked and enraged chicken with a gremlin rider slapping its butt with a stick. I absolutely love this model. One of the reasons I still say the old style of models had its merits. The newer Rooster Riders all have realistic looking chickens, which is great and all, but still lacks the craziness of the general idea. This one embodies it perfectly!
This model is so good, I will have to grab a second one. My friend Jim will be selling me his that is lying around and gathering dust. With it I will create another beast for my opponents to suffer under. ❤

That sums up this portion of models for today. Next Gremlins to be painted and posted are going to be my Brewmaster crew. In all of its awesome entirety! See you then~

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