The Heat is Off – Also Time to Show Off Some Awesome Models

First part of today’s agenda is to ‘announce’ (Who’s actually reading? :P) our “Heat is On” competition has been cancelled mutually. I was pretty much in the lead, but constantly painting other stuff I wasn’t supposed to/not agreed upon and Jim has been and pretty much still is swamped with everyday life. It can be hard to kick ass and paint a lot. Or more to motivate one’s self to do so. We all need a muse and usually a stressful environment isn’t going to produce such a wonderous thing.

With that I will use this as a post to show off an assortment of models I painted up for my Molly gang. Including all sorts of neat models to add-on to my pumpkin ridden gang of dancing women and child folk zombies.

This first portion will deal with some horrific entities: Punk Zombies and Yin, the Penangalan. Molly enjoys her horrific toys (as does Matt!). These are pretty much no brainer auto includes when picking up and starting horror themed Molly gangs. Punk Zombies are an utterly great summon and Yin can cock block and harass most models into submission. Have I mentioned you can incapacitate a single model, such as a master, by using YIn and Molly’s debuffs in succession? Oh, the horrors! ❤


The first round of this litter is one of my Punk zombies. This orange combed guy is the first of my two I had painted. He’s a fun guy and one of the first I decided to ‘gore’ him up a little bit. Adding in some bleeding wounds and bloody swords. I have used another method of gore in the past with Tamiya clear red and some brown wash aded to get a sick looking blood effect. Here I tried to tone it down a little bit, as I do not really want to emphasize too much on the gore. I like fluffy and cute gangs. Before I make my models a bloody mess, I will try to maintain this neutered look, as I prefer it at the moment. It will be hard with some of my future models…

20151116_171413 20151116_171417

20151116_171421 20151116_171425

My second punk zombie is a man of true funk. I dubbed him ‘Dennis Roman’ due to his similarity with the well-known basketball player of the 90s. Odd hairdo? Check. Piercings? Check. Outrageous clothing? Double check! With his peacock khaki pants, he is actually my first summoned punk zombie. Some of the people in my player base already fear his appearance, as he usually brings quite a lot of damage with him. A fun guy to paint and awesome to play with.
My third punk zombie will not be painted for quite a while, as I haven’t actually needed a third in-game yet. At the moment I am trying to paint playing practical, meaning I paint what I need to play with. My summoned punk zombies usually die after a turn or two. Rarely do they stay in long enough for me to even have two on the table. Once I come to a point where I may need more than two, I will paint up punk zombie number three.

20151119_192126 20151119_192130

20151119_192133 20151119_192137

Yin is of the models I own, not only a horror in-game, but also a horror in appearance. Such a ghastly and hideous creature she is. Thanks to Japanese folklore for such awesome shit! A true horror in-game and as a model.
I worked for 8 years in an organ-wholesale firm (animal organs of course… Haha). So I know a bit of what organs should look like and tried to paint them up as well as I know. I have seen a lot of people paint her in a gory fashion with lots of blood on her entrails and innards. I went for a more sleek version. Slimy, yes. Bloody, no. Add in some green and brown glazes to darken the texture of some of the stuff and you still get a neat effect. What I like the least is her spread rib cage. It looks unnatural and kind of lame. Would have preferred her without. Her scale is ridiculously large as well. Oh well. She is still by far the best looking penangalan model out there.

20151120_173021 20151120_173028

20151120_173032 20151120_173036

Now to the second batch of models!


After adding some true in-game horrors to my gang, it was dire time to balance things out with some cute and cuddly!

Molly has her own funky looking robot totem, which is cool and all but rather underwhelming. It has a convenient support ability, drawing friendly models to it, which is resource intensive. The rest of it is pretty meh. Eventually I stumbled upon the Malifaux child. A copy cat kid menace, awesome enough to cast Molly’s once per turn cast as well as using some of her other awesome spells. A n awesome totem, fit for my crew of undead gals and kids. I liked the idea of a model idling against a stack of pumpkins. Works well with my base theme.

20160105_172714 20160105_172728

20160105_172722 20160105_172717

Next up are some of the loveliest ladies of all of Malifaux. In some eyes the most annoying or even dreadful too! Wonderful Belles. Beauties of uncreation! Molly herself was reanimated in the same fashion as these Rotten Belles. It make sense she has a natural affinity to them. Lucky for her she maintained her mind and thoughts instead of being a mindless bimbo. Tee hee!

This first gal was a test product for two things: Large areas for my white tones I use on this crew and a new take at dark red hair. Usually I would paint dark hair by applying some medium tone, shade it with brown and purple washes and highlight my way up. This time, like Molly, I started to blend in the shades instead of shading only the recesses. It has a more natural look to it.

20160102_181054 20160102_181059

20160102_181103 20160102_181107

My second gal was just as ‘fun’ to paint as the other. The millions of tears in their stockings and little tid bits of bone poking out here and there was an actual challenge. Sometimes you notice things after you finished painting most of it. I really enjoyed painting this one’s dress. The vibrant orange tone is so kick-ass I just could paint all of my models with it. *cough cough*
This model almost came to not be for a while, as I had lost her left leg while cutting it off of the sprue. It fell down and I could never find it… Until I looked on top of my books in my shelf underneath my desk months later. It was laying on top of one of them. Lucky me!

20160105_172647 20160105_172652

20160105_172656 20160105_172701

With that I have a decent start at playing Molly. Some variety, albeit not a lot, will sill grant me some cool mix and matches in low soul stone cost games. Next up for this branch of models will be Sebastian and a whole lot of cute puppies for the children to play with! Until later~

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6 Comments on “The Heat is Off – Also Time to Show Off Some Awesome Models”

  1. February 22, 2016 at 6:32 am #

    Very cool. I like the way you have the Child sitting against a stack of pumpkins.

    • February 23, 2016 at 5:09 am #

      Yeah. I thought it would be a cute idea. Especially since it is just odd having a model sitting around.

  2. February 22, 2016 at 9:02 am #

    Very very nice post! I like your models and the pumpkin theme a lot! Keep up the good work

    • February 23, 2016 at 5:09 am #

      Thanks and I sure will do! 😛

  3. February 22, 2016 at 11:25 am #

    Love em all!!

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