The Wong way to go? – Hell yeah!

Wong is not a typo for “wrong”. Just saying. Besides this inane point, I would like to present to you my most recent addition to my Gremlin Master pool for Malifaux: WONG

This guy is bad news. At least for my enemies he is. With him comes a new form of destruction: Loads of electric zappy zaps! As any proper mage before and after his career, Wong found a magic bag and suddenly became a magician of great wonders. A wizard of explosions, doom and a flip intensive death for many opponents. Many of them. He was a fun guy to paint too! The model itself is awesome and rather unique in its pose and stature. Perfect for any Gremlin master.

I like to add some funky fluff to my models, to help justify odd bits I add or just to fluff them out and make them more personal. In this case I invented three teachings of magic: Triangle, Square and Circle.
Triangle stands for the rough and unharnessed dabblings into magic. An apprentice magician, if you so please. The female lightning bug gremlin nearly killing herself with a fireball will ‘proudly’ wear this symbol.
Square stands for a more balanced, yet imperfect form of magic. Being able to cast things and cause havoc is pretty much programmed into this stage. The lighting bug shooting a fireball onto the ground will be the one to bear this mark.
Circle stands for a balanced and controlled form of magic. Very few have lasted to bear this mark on their robes. Most apprentice mages kill themselves within the first few minutes of their training. The lightning bug with a twisting cloud of magic, sprouting from his finger, will be the proud member of the squad to bear this mark.

WONG BEARS ALL THREE. Why? Because he is Wong and he says so. If you have a problem with that…FZZZAAAPPP!!

20160228_163958 20160228_164006

20160228_164011 20160228_164019

I did try to represent the three teachings on his robe in a nice and glossy gold. He needs to be fancy too. Mages do sparkle, you know? Definitely one of my favorite Gremlin masters to paint. Pretty much everything about him was a joy to paint and I would probably be willing to do it again sometime. Just for kicks and giggles.

What kind of wizard would he be without an assistant of sorts. Imagine being a young female gremlin, looking for employment and you see an advertisement popping up of a magician in want of an assistant. Prepare your sluttiest costume, it is show time! Just turns out he is not really a stage magician, but more or less a creepy pervert with magic abilities. Better get used to it. It is either this life or getting turned into a pig. Fun stuff!

20160226_015455 20160226_015523

This gal has it all. Also the best looking butt of the entire gremlin faction. She was rather simple to paint and was fun as well. Not really much to say here, as the colors I have used on her are the same I have used numerous times. Haha.
One thing that did bother me was her hair. As cool and anime as it may look, it is too unnatural for me. I guess this is a consequence of Wyrd’s new plastic line with flattened details that look kind of funky from certain angles (Death Marshal coffins have locks on them. Funky stuff!). None the less I enjoyed painting the model and like fielding her with her employer to cause a lot of grief and mayhem!

Until next time! ~<3


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