Who let the dogs out? Haha, I just couldn’t resist!

You know what can be cuter than little kids? PUPPIES! Molly just had to have some doggy companionship, so I decided to paint up a few of the left over dogs from the gutters, alleys and backyards.

20160127_165114 20160127_165117

20160127_165122 20160127_165127

This big guy was the first of the four (five technically…) Canine Remains I have painted. I dig this model the most of the four zombie dog models, as it just shows the most character. A snarling critter with exposed ribs and innards. HOW ADORABLE! I figured a white color with some brown spots would look good on him. Turns out it doesn’t look too shabby.
As I mentioned in previous posts I do not plan on using a lot of gore on my Ressers. Hence my cute doggy here only has a little blood trickling down his snout. So cute!

20160127_173017 20160127_173020

20160127_173027 20160127_173033

The next pooch is one mean looking sucker. Most people paint her snout in the same color as her fur. I decided to go for the ‘face-lifted’ version. Fleshy skin to see underneath. Yay! What a pretty doggy! Who is Molly’s little Princess?
Besides the dorky odd bits above, this dog is one of my favorites in the end. The bare snout gives it a menacing character. Something people typically depict and see in larger dogs. I just feel unsatisfied with the stubby legs. Usually a large and athletic dog like this would have more of a length to her extremities. Oh well. You can’t have it all.

20160127_173043 20160127_173045

20160127_173048 20160127_173051

Fetch, boy! Fetch! Pretty much this is the all out action star of the litter. Ever frozen in a state of aggressive pouncing, this is the typical alpha dog strike force beta gamma 2000 dog. Well at least it is a pretty cool model. The animal’s head is kind of odd-looking. It has a strange line connecting its brows with its ears, which makes it look more like a monster dog rather than a reanimated one.
Regardless of its deformities, snarling grimace and exposed spine, Molly still loves this little pooch as much as the rest.

20160127_175503 20160127_175506

20160127_175509 20160127_175512

“Chopper, sick balls!” is pretty much what I thought when I say this beast. In the movie Stand By Me, the main kid basically tells a terrible story of a junkyard owner’s dog, trimmed at chomping down on guys’ naughty bits. I remember seeing a vicious and menacing beast in my mind when I first saw the movie as a child. This could very well have been that exact dog. The dog in the film turns out to be an old ragged dump of an animal. Luckily this canine friend is not only mean and angry, it is also very much able to ‘sick balls’.
The color of this dog’s fur turned out pretty well and of the five dogs (#5 is not mentioned in this post.) this is the one I am most satisfied with. The exposed ribcage and bloody bits give it a nice and creepy looking contrast. Simple models can be so fun!

20160221_171038 20160221_171041

20160221_171046 20160221_171051

The problem with so many animal pets, is that they require attention, love and the uncaring hateful boot of a midget man. Luckily Sebastian has a knack for these things, especially the latter. Once overwhelmed with her critter friends, she consulted the man and hired him as a part-time dog nanny.
Sebastian is one of the most fun models of the entire range to paint. He is so bad-looking and unappealing, that it is actually more fun to paint him than the usual and common good-looking model. His face is just a land mine of explosive fun with so many nooks and crannies to paint including an expression that speaks for itself. I am not too happy with him in-game, but he definitely is a model a person should paint to have some fun.


That pretty much sums up this excursion of more Molly madness. The next batch will be a whole lot of fun as well! More to come in future weeks!

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