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I have been rather inactive lately. I blame partially my “new” PS4 and just the general loss of drive for the hobby. My Malifaux community basically collapsed last year and all the work and effort put into it has been nullified by its decease. A part of my drive came from painting stuff to play with, which, fortunately, is now slowly coming back with games like Eden and Infinity.

Eden is such an easy and fun game. No real dedication needed and easy to manage. I have a few more models to paint for my gang and I should be done with that project soon.

I also finished one of the three models I have been working on for Jim. Kingdom Death models and the likes. Here is the Manhunter:

My painting gang (Pinseldiktator) at Battlefield Berlin made me paint a Primaris Space Marine. Something I wouldn’t have ever thought I would do again. It was kind of fun to toy around with a self-made army and color scheme. I went for a nautical theme and think I managed pretty well.

I have yet to take more photos of stuff I have painted. More to come soon… or more eventually.

Stuff planned out:

2 Commission pieces for Jim
4 Models for my Eden Gang
Infinity Ikari Company! Fudge yeah!


Soon to come and thanks for reading! ❤

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