Hiatus and the Heat is On ’19

My hobby blog has always been something I enjoyed having on the side. A little way for me to share part of my hobby and interests with the few to non-existent people who are interested enough to check it out. It’s a great tool to document progress and my miniature painting output. Where I do have a collection of photos and models I have yet to share on this blog, my output has basically declined to near nothing the past year and a half.

My main drive to keep me grounded in the hobby was Malifaux. A game I enjoyed and loved. I spent countless hours playing, organising events and investing in hobby time to put some fun and quirky models on the table for play. Our small scene in Berlin was rather active for a good portion of a bit less than three years and we had an active group, playing Malifaux two to three times a week. It was freaking awesome. As with many of the niche gaming systems, people eventually got tired of it or succumbed to the hobby’s downfall: over saturation of games and miniatures.

Thus more and more people ceased to meet up with us for events or hang out and our player base got smaller and smaller to a point where it was literally just three of us left. This was a major mood kill for me. It is demotivating to “lose” a community and an interest group of something you are passionate about. A hobby that drives you to accomplish more in it and have fun at the same time. I ended up with numerous Malifaux and other tabletop related projects and zero drive to even touch any of it at all anymore.

I tried a few other systems and even frequented a small painting group for a while, which fell short due to life circumstances. 2018 was not a good year for my hobby. Hence, no content on this blog, as there is basically nothing to post.

I intend to change this.


A good friend of mine, whom I have mentioned before in this blog (Jim <3) and I had a friendly competition going on. A painting goal of sorts to work off hobby backlog and have fun smack talking each other about our projects and share and help each other on the way. We decided to attempt this again this year.

“The Heat is On ’19” contains a sort of bingo-esque board of achievements to work off. The person to work off the most achievements is kick ass. Period. Here is what our goals are for this “competition”:

Basically whenever one of us achieves one of these goals, we will notify the other and I intend to post a blog post dedicated to our accumulated achievements for a week. We picked out the goals each and are pretty happy with the results on what we chose. In addition we have a spreadsheet to document our accomplishments as they pop up. At the time of this posting, Jim has actually already finished one of his achievements. I will post on that later.

If you area by chance interested in participating in this friendly competition, feel free to hit me up and we can see how things turn out. The more people, the merrier. ❤




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