HiO ’19 – This is Bat Country

We can’t stop here, this is sort of, well not really, bat country! My pal Jim and I have been busy bees, he more or less a lot more than me. Current results for our little competition are up!

Jim is still leading… like a mother trucker with FIVE whole achievements and 15 finished models!

He has been painting commission pieces and some board game minis for a friend, basically dumping all of his work into various achievements.

The tanks are snazzy little things with green windows! This scale isn’t too easy to paint and unfortunately most of the detail gets lost once you see the minis on the table. Still a good chunk of work done!

Here we see some purple blue lady with her extremely white gloves. (haha) Adding some fire and heat to our competition! With these he also is currently at 7 of 10 Models for the next achievement… Damn I need to catch up!


So what have I been doing…? Well I have been working on getting back into the flow of things. I am learning the hard way that I do not paint as well as I did a year ago… So I need to reacquire some of my skills of old in this hobby craft.

What I got here are some snazzy bat things for Molly and my upcoming ME3 gang. I dumped her in the photo, because she likes to be a photo queen. ❤

Here are some closer pics of the bat gang. I figured I would try to paint them all with different skin colors, similar to my regular zombies in my Halloween themed Resurrectionist gang. Belated I realised i forgot to add leaves to the bases, which is something I will do at a later time.

This brings up my total to two achievements and four miniatures finished.

Here are two sneak peaks at my current projects:

Until next time! Sorry for the weird and short posts! I just want to get this out there!

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