HiO ’19 – April Sucks and May Doesn’t

So yeah… April was a pretty busy month. Not all too much going on besides stressful days at work and some other issues irl that had to be dealt with. Finally that crazy month is over and now we have awesome May here to get back into the swing of things.

I have finished three more miniatures! Heck yes! Three more of Molly’s friends are ready for action and prepped to kill. ❤

Archie (the big guy in the middle) is the model I am claiming for the “Paint Camo” achievement in our little competition. I really do not like painting camo patterns all too much. My main issue with it is that it covers up everything below. This means adding depth and shadow or even highlights becomes troublesome by adding camo after the fact. I could glaze in some shading post pattern…
It could be fun to paint such a pattern on a larger scale model… but at this size it just takes too long and really isn’t worth it time-wise.

I also struggled a bit with his skin tones. Seeing as my undead skin tones are usually only slightly different, it can be hard to tell that he is composed of three different color schemes pertaining to his skin. I opted against doing drastic differences, because it just isn’t the case in the rest of my gang. Wouldn’t make too much sense.


Besides that I have been working more and more on my dark elf team for blood bowl. The team is fully assembled and ready to be primed. I will use an airbrush to do so… Wanna try something new. I also purchased the base game to go with my team. That and the two rule books for BB enable me to play the game with friends and kick some ass on the pitch.

I also ordered some of those fancy easter teddy bears from Wyrd… They arrived and are really great. The new sttat cards (tarot card size) are fantastic and just as top notch as the past play cards. Quality of the sprue is just as good as any other Wyrd product (doesn’t seem too crazy to assemble too…). Upcoming Collodi crew allert!

With my three guys done I am one achievement better and two more models are finished for another achievement. Stuff is looking good. Until the next update!


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