New music! Also includes soundtracks!

I finally dished out some cash to pick up a few new CDs. I usually and used to buy about 5 CDs a month, if not more. But since I have picked up the miniature hobby again, I have been lacking in these purchases as of late. So I dug deep into my pockets and found a couple of cents close to falling out of the hole that is my wallet and decided to spend those on some beloved music! Here’s the first wave!


I recently went to a Volbeat concert and picked up their newest album beforehand to get used to some of the newer music they would be playing at the concert. I must say I am slightly disappointed by it. It is pretty much their weakest album of the five they have released thus far. Its okay, but not really spectacular. The concert was really good though. It rained cats and dogs during the band’s act before Volbeat. Open air concerts suck in the rain. It stopped just in time for Volbeat to perform and moving around and head banging and all of that fun stuff even got me half dry! Ha ha!

The album to the left is ‘… Like Clockwork’ by Queens of the Stone Age. I will be going to a concert of their’s on the 22nd of June. So obviously it is time to pick up the new album and see what they got. It is pretty mellow and also rather disappointing. I was hoping for more, but it just didn’t turn out super great. Like the Volbeat album, this one is good enough to pick up but nothing spectacular. I am sure the concert, on the other hand, will be down right awesome!

The centered album is the newest by 30 Seconds to Mars. I was weary to purchase this, since their last album disappointed me so much. Back then I was very expectant since ‘A Beautiful Lie’ was such a great album. It turned out to be a complete dud in comparison (though still good). Thus I was rather unsure of this album when I first got it. After listening to it for a few times I have come to actually like it a lot. I do think it has to do that I did not have many expectations of it and it turned out much better than I had awaited. So kudos to the band for doing a great job!


The album to the left is from The Dillinger Escape Plan. I am rather undecided about it. I picked it up because Amazon recommended it to me… Yes. I am one of THOSE guys. Usually Amazon doesn’t sway off too far from the path and in some cases even nails a good hit with it. I like the music, but I also do not like it. I guess it is more or less something I have to be in the mood for and not something I can pop on and enjoy like every day songs. I am rather unsure about how I feel about it.

The album to the right is something so freaking awesome, I love it. The newest, kickstarter funded, Mindless Self Indulgence album. I backed the sucker up in the day and actually got this album a while ago. I figured I would post it here as well, since it is actually one of my ‘newer’ acquisitions in the CD range. It is awesome and really gets me all pumped up to see those jerks here in Berlin sometime in November this year. I cannot wait!


As I have mentioned in a post before this sometime long, long ago, I do enjoy soundtracks. After watching Evil Dead in theaters I instantly ordered the soundtrack and was pretty pleased with it when I got it. I dig that good old horror music that creeps under your skin as it slowly drives you mad. Really well done.

The other album, as it is hard to tell, is from a Silent Hill game! BAM! From a Silent Hill game I will probably never own, unless by sheer coincidence. I do, however, like the music a whole lot. The composer is the same as from Silent Hill Downpour, Daniel Licht. That guy did Dexter and the likes and does a grand job for Silent Hill as well. It also includes two songs sung by lovely Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. A really great album and I am glad at least it is good, though the game supposedly sucks a whole lot, due to it being some sort of dungeon crawling game in the Silent Hill universe.

That wraps up this little post!

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